Meghan Markle and prince Harry very tactile, discover the details adorable in their couple

You may have noticed, Meghan Markle and prince Harry love to make gestures of affection in public ! And today we learn more about their relationship.

Since their dream wedding in may of last year, Meghan Markle and prince Harry are simply radiating ! The duchess and the duke of Sussex multiply the public appearances accomplices, and their popularity is only increasing. But her new life like she really to the ex-actress ? In fact, according to the site People, Meghan Markle would not understand all the rules of the protocol of the british royal family : “It is certain rules of the royal house are difficult to understand, such as the fact that the Queen prefers that women dress in dresses or skirts rather than trousers, and she asks frequently to Harry why things need to be done a certain way”.

Fortunately, the young woman can count on the support of her husband ! In fact, it has been noted that interventions of the public commons, the two lovebirds were very affectionate with each other and did not hesitate to hand-holding. As reported in a source the site People : “They assume the fact of holding hands. They are normal to show their emotions. Meghan has a habit of touching, and it’s the same for Harry. Harry has always been a touch”. A way adorable for the duchess and the duke show their complicity and affection ! Meghan Markle, who has paid tribute to prince Harry in a surprising way at Wimbledon, is in love, and it shows.

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