Meghan Markle faithful to the code royal ? Check out the strange rule that she must follow when she is on the move with the Queen

While Meghan Markle seems to be very close to the Queen Elizabeth II, it has to follow a strange rule !

The royal protocol is sometimes convoluted ! Well, yes, the meltynautes, if the former star of Suits is doing wonderfully in his new role as Duchess, it is clear that this is not always easy to be part of the royal family. In addition to having to follow a dress code very strict, and the members of the clan must also comply with rules that are sometimes very strange, and the downright obscure. While the half sister of Meghan Markle confessed to the use of the reputation of the young woman to touch the money, the wife of prince Harry must follow the protocol even more intensely when she found herself in the presence of Queen Elizabeth II.

Thus, even if she became very close to the monarch, it must be beyond reproach, and, despite his recent arrival in the royal family. Moreover, according to Sir William Heseltine, one of the advisers of the Queen, no one has the right to go to bed before Elizabeth II. As he explains to the magazine The Telegraph : “When everyone is in the presence of the Queen, no one feels comfortable with the idea of going to sleep before it. People prefer to keep him company. Fortunately, it never goes down too late otherwise, the Duchess would be exhausted.” In the meantime, check out the gift that Queen Elizabeth II has offered to Meghan Markle and prince Harry.

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  1. With thanks! ive had 4 kids in 5 years and no i dont look like that but i always look after my kids. if i could afford a holiday theyd def come with me
    iceland should sack her im embarresd at shopping there cos of her and as for being bankrupt well she will be the most hated person on the planet if she carries on saying that we all have money problems but dont drive around in flash cars and have fancy holidays

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