Meghan Markle “frustrated” by her new life as a Duchess ?

Since her marriage with prince Harry on Saturday, may 19, Meghan Markle is part of the british royal family and responds to the title of Duchess of Sussex. A title that offers him, certainly, many benefits but also many drawbacks… and many controversies. Wear a dress or a skirt without tights or over the knees ? Impossible. Wear on the varnish of dark color ? Impossible. Having its own social networks ? Impossible. Make selfies or autographs ? Impossible. Walk in front of the queen or to go to bed before it ? Impossible. Walking alone in the street ? Impossible. Talk about politics ? Impossible. Rules that seem difficult to follow for Meghan Markle, known to have long held a blog on Fashion and Lifestyle, or even for its commitments feminists.

Thus, according to the american magazine People, the life of Duchess, would be more complicated than expected for the ex-actress of Suits, which was so important to her independence. “It was hard to understand some of the rules his majesty the king, such as the fact that the queen prefers that women wear dresses or skirts rather than pants”, says a source to the magazine. “She often asks Harry why things must be done a certain way. I think it is a bit frustrating for her sometimes.” And to conclude : “But this is her life now and she must accept this.” Love gives wings, it seems.

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