Meghan Markle latest – Duchess and Harry ‘won’t shut up about happiness but loyal William & Kate really live it’

PRINCE William and Kate Middleton’s anniversary pics prove they’re really living the “happiness” Harry and Meghan won’t shut up about.

While moping Meghan and Harry spend much of their extremely privileged lives discussing the ways they’re trying to make themselves happy, William and Kate have quietly established a perfect family life for themselves.

And their 10th anniversary photos on April 29 prove the couple really are blissful a decade into marriage, happily posing for natural unedited shots with their three adorable children.

And while they don’t use every opportunity they get talking about themselves and their feelings, it’s clear William and Kate’s dedication to royal duties has really left them feeling happy.

The pics are in stark contrast to Harry and pregnant Meghan‘s recent media appearances, where they regularly speak of escaping the UK for their own happiness, only to mope and moan about how difficult everything has been.

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