Meghan Markle latest news – Duchess ‘heading for bitter regret when harsh reality of burning bridges finally hits home’

MEGHAN Markle faces bitter regret when the reality of constantly burning bridges finally hits home, an expert has claimed.

The Duchess of Sussex has repeatedly fallen out with family and friends over the years – but her most high profile relationship breakdown has been with members of Prince Harry‘s family.

That crisis reached an ugly head when Meghan and Harry appeared in a bombshell interview with Oprah Winfrey earlier this year, in which Meghan didn’t hold back on giving her in laws a tongue lashing.

But royal author Tom Quinn is convinced Meghan will be left with bitter regret when the harsh reality of burning so many bridges finally hits home.

“I think that she thought when she entered the Royal Family she could shake them up and they would love it, she would do things Meghan’s way,” Tom told Channel 5’s ‘Meghan at 40: The Climb To Power’ documentary.

“When that didn’t happen and she came up against what she saw as the forces of reaction it made her so upset that, that interview was her way I think the only way for her to get her revenge and put the case as she saw it.

“But I think later on she will think I shouldn’t have burnt my bridges to that extent.”

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