Meghan Markle lookalike earns £1,000 a DAY and posed in wedding dress at Buckingham Palace

POSING with a photographer outside Buckingham Palace in a wedding gown, I was attracting lots of attention.

But it wasn’t my wedding day – it was Meghan Markle’s. Seeing the dozens of tourists turning their cameras away from the Beefeaters to snap pictures of me instead, I knew I was doing a good job as her lookalike.

Olivia Marsden
Meghan Markle lookalike Olivia Marsden, 23, admits she earns £1,000 a DAY and even posed in a wedding dress at Buckingham Palace

When I first saw Meghan in TV show Suits in 2011, I noticed the similarities between us: we had the same dark hair, freckly complexion and hazel eyes. It wasn’t until September 2017 that someone else commented on our likeness while I was working as cabin crew on a flight to Toronto, and I took it as a huge compliment.

After Meghan’s engagement to Prince Harry in November 2017, more people began to spot our similarities.

I’d be out shopping and people would joke we must be twins or look at me in surprise.

A few weeks later, I started thinking about earning some extra money as a professional lookalike on the side.

Olivia Marsden
Olivia Marsden, 23, has practised her American accent and learned about the Duchess’ lifestyle
Olivia Marsden
Olivia Marsden with a Prince Harry lookalike in the royal couple’s iconic engagement outfits

My mum Lisa, 53, worked as a Madonna impersonator – sometimes even taking me along to act as Lourdes – for most of my life so she put me in touch with a few agencies, who asked me to send photos.

Within days, I’d been signed and was promised I could earn between £200 to £1,000 a job. I’d just started a new role as a receptionist and knew I could fit gigs in around work.

I landed my first job at a corporate party at Alton Towers in April 2018. I wanted to do Meghan justice, so I followed lots of bloggers and Instagram accounts that posted about her fashion choices.

I decided on the outfit she wore to announce her engagement to Harry at Kensington Palace. I bought bargain copycat versions of the instantly recognisable white waterfall coat, green dress and cream heels for under £100 from Boohoo.

Olivia Marsden
Olivia Marsden says she has spent ages trying to practise Meghan Markle’s glam look

Then I spent hours watching make-up tutorials on YouTube to perfect her natural yet glam look, and straightened my hair. And I had to act like Meghan, too. Watching her on the news and in interviews, I noticed how she posed for the camera and I began imitating her movements, such as how she touches her hair a lot, her elegant walk and the way she only shows the top row of her teeth when she smiles.

Working on Meghan’s American accent was tricky, but I practised with family until I sounded perfect.

Glancing in the mirror before heading to the party, I was nervous, but I looked every inch the princess. When I arrived there were photographers ready to snap me mingling with the guests, and they’d even hired a Prince Harry lookalike so that we could pretend to be a couple.

I had a great time and managed to stay in character. Thankfully, I’d read up on Meghan’s life, so when guests asked me when my birthday was or when I moved to England, I knew all the right answers.


  • Meghan’s first name is actually Rachel – the same as the character she played in Suits.
  • Early in her acting career, Meghan worked as a freelance calligrapher to support herself between jobs.

The following month I was booked for a photo shoot in London to commemorate the royal wedding. That’s when tourists mistook me for Meghan – I still wonder if they realised I wasn’t her!

The strangest booking I’ve had was a graduation party last July, where I ate dinner with a family. Often, guests will ask cheeky questions, such as if I fancy Wills or whether I like Kate, but I say that a duchess never tells.

Olivia Marsden
Olivia Marsden with her mum Lisa Antoinette – in November 2014 on holiday in the Dominican Republic

Sometimes, people say that I’m kidding myself if I think we look alike, but I’ve got a thick skin and I tell them it’s just a bit of fun.

When I’m not working as Meghan, I leave my hair curly and slip into jeans and a baggy top so that I can be anonymous.

My partner Naby is 6ft 5in and has curly dark hair, so he couldn’t be less like Harry!

Last September I found out I was expecting a baby and Meghan announced her pregnancy a month later. People asked if I’d planned it, but it was just a happy coincidence.

I’ve been offered work as pregnant Meghan, but I’ve been too tired and it doesn’t pay well enough to give up my day job.

Once I’ve given birth later this month I’m hoping to do more jobs abroad – maybe our child can pretend to be Baby Sussex!


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