Meghan Markle news latest – Birthday girl faces SHOCK career change & dominates Harry marriage, horoscope reading claims

AS Meghan Markle celebrates her 40th birthday today, astrologers have shared predictions for her year ahead.  

From reconciliation with William and Kate to writing about motherhood, two astrologers have revealed what’s in store for the Duchess.

Using Meghan’s star sign and birth chart, her Leo sign means that she will need to be less in the driving seat, and more concerned about her lifestyle and children.

This will follow Meg being more health conscious, focusing on the choices she makes for herself and her baby; expecting her to possibly share ideas on what mothering her daughter means for her.

Most importantly is the former actresses’ career, which the astrologers think will only continue to grow – and the position Harry will be left in.

Nicolas Aujula told the Daily Mail: “Born in the sign of Leo, Meghan is warm hearted, commanding and uber confident who definitely wears the trousers in her marriage. She is very good at making things happen and will take no for an answer.”

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