Meghan Markle news latest: Oprah interview slammed for ‘unbalanced piece of theatre’ as Prince Charles led response

PRINCE Harry and Meghan Markle’s Oprah interview has been slammed as an “unbalanced piece of theatre” after receiving 4,398 Ofcom complaints. 

According to Press Gazette, newspaper and TV journalists were among those who made a complaint to the regulator. 

One journalist described the programme as a “two-hour PR puff” – and criticised ITV for airing the chat without providing a right of reply to those who the Sussexes criticised. 

Their complaint read: “Over the two-hour broadcast, Ms Markle made slanderous comments about the Royal family, inaccurate allegations about the UK media – one-third of the  headlines shown in a montage were from out of the UK – and false statements re Archie not having a title.

“Who did you give a right of reply to and when? The programme was a PR puff for the couple. ITV should have fact-checked – did it re the ‘wedding’ days before?

“Did it ask the Royal family, the Archbishop of Canterbury, the Markles, newspaper companies for a response? If so, when? If not, why?”

The journalist added: “It was an unbalanced piece of theatre. You allowed incorrect statements such as the title to be broadcast without checking.”

For full details and analysis of the sensational interview, follow our live blog below.


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