Meghan Markle was ready to have a child with prince Harry ? The touching revelations

Meghan Markle does she want to have children with prince Harry ? According to a new rumor, the answer would be a big yes !

Between Meghan Markle and prince Harry, it is always the love crazy ! The two lovebirds continue to carry out their functions of duchess and duke of Sussex, and we note that their style is quite different from that of Kate Middleton and prince William. Indeed, if these last two prefer to keep a certain reserve in their interventions, Meghan Markle and prince Harry love to be touch, as was confirmed by a source to the site, People who gave these details are adorable on their relationship : “They assume the fact of holding hands. They are normal to show their emotions. Meghan has a habit of touching, and it’s the same for Harry. Harry has always been a touch”.

And it would seem that this couple, who made dream many fans of the british royal family, is already ready to have kids ! If the rumors that Meghan Markle would be pregnant with prince Harry are sometimes too insistent, it would seem that they are based on a kernel of truth. In fact, as reported by the website The Independent, Meghan Markle projected to have a girl. The duchess of Sussex, when she interpreted the role of Rachel Zane in the series Suits before you meet prince Harry, had bought a watch luxury brand Cartier for pleasure. And as reported by the site, in an interview dating from the year 2015 to the site, Hello!, she revealed that she would like to offer it to her future daughter as a symbolic gift ! One thing is for sure, we cannot wait to see her pamper with prince Harry.

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