Meghan Markle ready to forgive his father ? Check out his amazing decision

The father of Meghan Markle multiplies the interventions in the press, and it does not please his girl ! The wife of prince Harry will she react publicly ?

If Meghan Markle is very popular, both with the public as with the british royal family, we cannot say that its loved ones make life so much easier ! Between the half-sister of the duchess of Sussex that the clashe regularly in the press and his father, which multiplies the confessions strange and seems to very much enjoy the attention that he receives, we can say that the young woman should not be robbed of it by his family. Recently the father of Meghan Markle stated that according to him, his daughter was not happy : “I think she is terrified. I can see it in his eyes, on his face and in his smile. I saw her smile for years and I know it by heart. I really don’t like what I see today. This is not a strained smile, is a smile filled with sorrow. She lives maybe a few bad days but it worries me. I think she is too much under pressure. There is a very big price to pay to be a bride in this family.”

And if according to recent rumors, Meghan Markle would be very fulfilling to work alongside prince Harry and was ready to have a child, especially a daughter with him, there is no doubt that the behaviour of his father has something to make it think. The young woman will she react publicly, to forgive his father, or, on the contrary, choose to ignore it ? According to a source at the Evening Standard, it could be that the pretty brunette decides for the latter option. In fact the site says that the wife of prince Harry would not want to call his father, because she would be convinced that he would hurry to repeat the full conversation in the press. She would like to be able to communicate with him, but would not be able to trust him, which is understandable given the situation. It is hoped that with time this case will be solved and that Meghan Markle will find a common ground with his amazing family !

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