Mel B, Heidi, And Tyra Say Goodbye To ‘AGT’ As New Judges Are Announced


After five weeks of emotional ups and downs, America’s Got Talent fans settled in for the final performances of the new Champions series last night. And the judges had a few surprises planned for the big night.As the two-part finale began, the list of acts competing for the top spot was dominated by singers – from Spain’s Christina Ramos to the UK’s Susan Boyle and America’s own Angelica Hale. But

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Keith Hinkle/Wikimedia Commons

Country star Miranda Lambert is no stranger to being in the headlines, especially when it concerns her music or failed marriage to Blake Shelton. But the latest controversy she’s embroiled in is one that no one expected and it has fans everywhere gasping. According to the celebrity news site TMZ, Lambert got caught up in an argument while recently dining with her mother and some friends at a restaurant, and things took an unexpected turn.

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Donald Trump – Instagram / U.S. National Archives

Here’s a First Family fact you might not have noticed: President Trump is the first president in a century not to welcome a family dog in the White House.As long as America’s presidents have made 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue their home, they’ve been joined by their families and their pets. But while Trump’s wife Melania and their son Barron live with him, they have no pets to speak of.That makes the current

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Believe it or not, parents, but it’s been six years since you dragged your little ones to the movie theater for Disney’s Frozen.The animated blockbuster – which is still the highest-grossing animated movie ever – obviously has staying power, because kids are still playing the movie’s signature song “Let It Go” nonstop.Well, prepare to have a whole new set of songs stuck in your head, as Elsa, Anna, Olaf, and

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Gary Sinise Foundation

Gary Sinise has played all kinds of tough cops, soldiers, and menacing bad guys in his impressive movie career.But the Forrest Gump star couldn’t hold back his tears as he was surprised with a tribute to his charity work this week.Sinise’s charity, the Gary Sinise Foundation, supports active duty military service members, veterans, first reponders, their families, their caregivers, and others who are in need.Sinise serves lunch to Coast Guard

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Alejandra Silva/Instagram

Last September, after more than a month of speculation that Richard Gere, 69, was to become a father once again, his wife Alejandra Silva confirmed the news on social media. The 35-year-old mom shared an adorable photograph of her baby bump being blessed by the Dalai Lama as Gere, a Buddhist and longtime friend of the leader, holds her. “A very special moment just a few minutes ago… Getting blessings for our precious to come.

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