Melanie Griffith, her fight against her cancer of the skin

Melanie Griffith had defeated his cancer of the skin for the first time in 2009. But after eight years of serenity, his basal cell carcinoma has recurred. In September 2017, he has discovered new cancer cells on the face. The actress 60 years, continuing to fight against the disease. Recently, she has undergone an operation, dermabraison, a technique which consists of taking off the superficial layer of the skin to renew more quickly. On Instagram, Melanie Griffith has published a photo of his face dressed, and she explains : “re-bandaged after undergoing a dermabrasion, the final step for the repair of the cancer cells are now withdrawn”.

If Melanie Griffith sharing her struggle on the social networks, it’s because she wants to warn against the dangers of the sun. “If you are concerned, do you care. If you are lying in the sun, you are exposed to a lot of sun, be CAREFUL. Use a total screen. Do you follow by your dermatologist. If you don’t have one, take one, or go to a clinic and ask to be tested.” Because skin cancer can be treated if it is detected.

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“You depend on your face”

In an interview with the magazine “InStyle” in August, Melanie Griffith was confiding on the consequences of her cancer on her work. “It is a fearful thing when you are actresses and you depend on your face,” she said. For some time, the actress, 61-year-old does not turn to the movies a lot. In particular, it has been seen in “The Disaster Artist”, James Franco in 2017. And she has made her stage comeback on Broadway. Melanie Griffith says that she prefers the theatre, “more lenient with the face of a woman of 60 years”.

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