Melon, carrots… The stars oranges our revenue was

The relationship between a carrot, a mango, a melon, an apricot, according to you ? Their bright orange color, of course ! When one looks at the symbolism of the colors, this hue, which bears the name of a fruit crisp is that joy, energy and creativity. Health wise also, the orange represents the dynamism and good mood ! If fruits and vegetables are to wear this hot color by excellence, it is because they are rich in carotenoids, including beta-carotene, also called pro-vitamin A. A pigment responsible for their good (and ours too !), since it is involved in the synthesis of melanin manufactured by the melanocytes, the cells that protect the skin. Beta-carotene also has antioxidant properties and may play a role in immune health. It stimulates the synthesis of antibodies, takes care also of the view… Then, in a hurry to enjoy it ?

Tanning : our revenue special good mine !

Melon : any one know about this vegetable ancestral

Even if it is deliciously sweet, the melon is not a fruit, but a vegetable that belongs, like zucchini or cucumber, the cucurbitaceae family. The Egyptians, 500 years before our era, sipped in a salad, with vinegar and pepper ! The heart of the season coincides with the summer. We relish in the first with melons from the south-east of France and then, finally, with the harvest in the Centre-West. On the 900 varieties registered in the european Catalogue of crop varieties grown, one retains, of course, the charentais, yellow or green (cultivated everywhere in France, but also Spain and Morocco), with its orange flesh, sweet and aromatic. The embroidered, round or oval, thick bark and is covered with drawings winding. Its orange flesh, white or green, is very sweet, but firmer and less aromatic than that of the charente. The galia, a native of Touraine, rough skin and flesh white-green is also very juicy and very fragrant.

That is to say : neither male, nor female, watermelons, like all plants, has no sex ! The existence of a halo, to the opposite end of the peduncle, is not a sign of maturity.

5 tips to choose a melon !

Carrot : learn all about this root vegetable

This is the second vegetable is eaten the most in France (after the tomato). The scoop picked between April and July, very sought after for its finesse and its freshness, is continued until October, with the carrot of the season. Formerly white, yellow or purple, carrot orange was born in Holland in the 1600s, and owe their beautiful color to high levels of carotene. Namely, the carbohydrate content of the vegetable increases with its maturation. The young carrots are more tender and less sweet than the carrots of care that we consume in the winter. Either cooked or raw, grated, steamed or stir-fried in a wok, cut into slices, tagliatelle, spaghetti, sticks, or carved in the shape of a rose, the carrot is eaten with every sauce : with lemon juice or orange, a pinch of cinnamon or curry powder, star anise, ginger, caraway seeds or peanuts.

The council of the chef : use the carrot to soften and sweeten slightly some preparations, such as pickling, or mashed cauliflower taste.

How to succeed cooking the carrots ?

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