Menopausal patients ‘panicking’ because of crisis in supply of HRT drugs

PATIENTS are “panicking” because of a crisis in the supply of HRT drugs, GPs warned last night.

The patches, pills and gels provide the oestrogen that the body stops producing during the menopause.

A shortage of HRT pills has hit up to 200,000 menopausal women, it is reported

Half of the drugs are out of stock, affecting up to 200,000 women, the Daily Mail reported.

Dr Richard Vautrey, a GP from Leeds, said: “People can get increasingly anxious.”

Problems with the supply chain has meant some brands are not being produced, starting a domino effect causing shortages of alternatives.

It has left women with crippling symptoms including depression and night sweats.

Doctors warned the crisis is set to continue into next year.


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