Menopause – its effects, and the sport


Effects of menopause and influence of the sport

The effects of menopause very génants such as hot flashes as well as the health risks associated with menopause such asosteoporosis can reduce it by practicing daily some physical activities. These symptoms can even disappear completely with a regular practice and moderate running or walking with light weights accompanied by a taking dietary supplements adaptogens

sport quotidien modéré et compléments alimentaires adaptogènes contre les effets de la ménopause

Major health risks with menopause

Ménopause et sportMenopause brings an increase in certain health risks such as cardiovascular risks andosteoporosis, by the fact of the decrease of estrogen (hormone).

Rate of fat mass

Often associated with menopause and weight gain. This finding is erroneous. On the other hand, there is a transfer by virtue of the decrease in muscle mass and increased body fat. In other words, the percentage of body fat increases with menopause. What percentage of fat mass can be estimated from the circumference of the wrist but we can see this also directly with the appearance of the cellulite on the thighs for women and the famous love handles at the hips for men with the masculine version of menopause, andropause.

It is found that :

  1. around 30 years of age: the onset of fat mass
  2. around the age of 40: the muscle mass begins to decrease
  3. between 40 and 80 years of age, the loss of muscle mass is approximately 35 to 40 %.


Osteoporosis is also one of the factors of major risk related to the menopause. The characteristic of osteoporosis is an extreme fragility of the skeleton, resulting in decreased bone mass and deterioration of bone structure. It is a disease common in women after menopause, because bone mass decreases with age and with the deficiency of female hormones (estrogen).

Menopause and sports

These major risk factors is not inevitable. Physical activity is strongly recommended for the decrease since the practice of a sport tends to facilitate the action of the regulatory mechanisms of hormonal and nervous, these same mechanisms which threaten to become faulty at the time of menopause.

The risk of cardio-vascular

There is a decrease in cardiovascular risks in half thanks to the sport. It is very profitable, for example, walking for 30 minutes at a brisk pace, 5 times per week.


With the practice of sport, there is a decrease in the bad cholesterol (LDL) and increase good cholesterol (HDL). A 30-minute walk each day is enough to begin to lower cholesterol levels. This beneficial action of the sport is sensitive to the menopause but also regardless of the age of the practitioners, therefore, even well before the time of the menopause.


A Dutch study shows that a physical activity of 4 hours of walking per week related to an additional intake of calcium and vitamin D leads to bone gain or at least stop the bone loss a result of osteoporosis.

Hot flashes and other side effects of the menopause

Beyond the beneficial effects outlined above on the major health risks associated with menopause, a regular activity, and moderate will also help to reduce the symptoms and effects of menopause such as :

  1. the hot flashes,
  2. sleep disorders,
  3. fatigue,
  4. mood disorders,
  5. pain in the joints.

Ref : Dr DUCLOS endocrinologist, CHU Clermont-Ferrand

Running is the ideal sport for menopause

The alternating walking-running is a sport activity ideal to deal with the consequences and side effects of the menopause. The vibrations, absent during the walking, but it present during the race, are very useful for toning the muscles and prevent osteoporosis.

Tips for running

Beginners will find the page to Start running 20 tips to get you running in good conditions.

20 conseils de base simples pour commencer à courir

Plan Running for beginners

A program of easy workout designed on the principle of alternating walk-run may also be downloaded and printed free of charge by visiting the page Running Plan Beginner. This training program in running is for people sedentary, non-trained and in average fitness. It can be followed regardless of the age of the practitioners.

Walking with light load

To stimulate bone development, it is necessary to choose the physical activities such as jogging (see above) in the course of which will carry the vibrations. Vertical forces supporting the weight of the body, such as walking with load are also beneficial against osteoporosis. The port of a small bag on the back of one to 2 kilograms only, which is brought to the junction of the back and kidneys, will encourage this type of effort; and will be exerted a pressure from the shoulders over the whole of the skeleton, the back is straightened.

Ref : osteoporosis : prevent and act at any age pdf downloadable on the website GRIO group for research and information on osteoporosis

Complementary food adaptogens for menopause

In addition to a balanced diet of fruits, seasonal and non-processed foods, food supplements, so-called adaptogens because they stimulate the commitment and adaptation to the physical effort, are recommended during the menopause. They will accompany and facilitate the physiological regulation and hormonal of the daily practice of a sport is moderate and thus the maintenance of a high metabolism.

For food, we particularly recommend the apples from organic farming to their richness in fiber and antioxidant power equivalent to that of 1500g of vitamin C. Regarding dietary supplements adaptogens our preference goes to the maca, the ginseng andeleutherococcus that you can find easily in the form of ampoules or tablets in the pharmacy or in the stores Biocoop.

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