Meryl Streep, Emma Watson …The casting in the gold of the Four Girls of Doctor March

Elizabeth Taylor, Winona Riders, Susan Sarrandon, Kristen Dunst, Christian Bale… there are many superstars have endorsed one of the roles of the legendary novel. For this, the fifth film adaptation, the cast is already dreaming. The production started strong by announcing a few months ago the name of Meryl Streep. The actress, three academy awards will take the role of aunt March.

To interpret the famous girls, there’s also the poster is attractive : Emma Watson is the latest to have joined the project. The one that is mostly known as Hermione Granger of the “Harry Potter” will take the role of Margareth March, initially attributed to Emma Stone (“The Land”, “Birdman”, “Crazy Stupid Love”), who had to withdraw from the project for reasons of timing.

The passage to adulthood of four young girls at the heart of the film

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Emma Watson will be alongside Saoirse Ronan in particular. The Irish to three Oscar nominations, revealed last year in “Lady Bird”, will propose the intrepid Josephine “Jo” March. Less known but equally promising, the actress Eliza Scanlen will play Beth. The girl comes from a place in Hollywood thanks to the series “Sharp Objects”. Finally, the british actress Florence Pugh will be the fourth daughter of the doctor, Amy. To interpret the executioner of hearts Theodore “Laurie” Lawrence, the film has appealed to the new darling of Hollywood, the actor franco-american Timothée Chalamet, discovered in “Call Me By Your Name”.

All this beautiful world will be under the direction of filmmaker Greta Gerwig, at the helm of this new adaptation. The director will be the two key players from his film “Lady Bird”, Saoirse Ronan and Timothy Chalamet. For this version, Greta intends to give a new tone to the novel, focusing the story on the passage to adulthood of four young girls, a theme that he holds dear. According to the “L. A. Times”, the shooting should start in early October to Boston for a release around Christmas of 2019. Such a cast will therefore have to wait.

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