MI5 launch bid to recruit children of White Van Men and other working-class professions to boost diversity

JAMES Bond types have White Van Man’s children in their sights.

The spooks are trying to recruit more working-class trainees to improve diversity in their ranks.

MI5 are trying to recruit more trainees from working-class backgrounds to improve diversity in their ranks

MI5 is targeting children of posties, HGV and train drivers, bar staff and gardeners for an 11-week training scheme.

If it goes well, they will be invited to apply for a permanent role as an intelligence officer.

Applicants must be in their penultimate year at university and, at 14, had parents in a blue-collar job.

Those from ethnic minorities will also be eligible for the scheme.

They must be “inquisitive problem-solvers with real enthusiasm, team spirit and a love of learning”.

Successful applicants will be guided by mentors on the programme, which begins in June.

They will “learn how to keep the country safe from harm”, according to MI5 recruiters.

Applications, which close at the end of this month, are via the Security Service website.


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