Miami condo collapse – Miracle as missing cat found ALIVE in rubble as vid shows huge cracks in garage ceiling last year

A CAT owned by a family that lived in the collapsed Miami building was miraculously recovered alive two weeks after the disaster – as footage emerged showing huge cracks in the building’s garage ceiling last year.

Binx the black kitty was found wandering near the collapse site and was brought to a local rescue shelter.


The cat was brought to a rescue shelter[/caption]


The mother and one daughter of the cat’s family were pulled from the rubble[/caption]


Edgar Gonzalez is still missing[/caption]

Binx’s family, who previously occupied unit 904, were separated during the collapse.

Angela Gonzalez and her daughter Deven were pulled from the rubble in the early hours of the rescue effort, while Angela’s husband Edgar has yet to be found.

Deven’s sister Tayler was not at home when the building fell..

Friend of the family Maria Gaspari told WSVN, “In the middle of this sadness, we were hoping for good news either for any survivors or any pet.

“As you may know, pets are family, and this is a miracle. I’m shaking right now.”

It comes as the death toll climbs to 79 and a shocking video taken a year before the building crashed down shows ominous cracks in the walls, Daily Mail reports.

Fiorella Terenzi

The video shows cracks in the garage ceiling[/caption]

Fiorella Terenzi

The cracks convinced Terenzi not to buy[/caption]

The video, which was taken by a prospective buyer, shows cracks that seem to have been painted over and water puddles in the ceiling of the parking garage.

Fiorella Terenzi, who took the video during a tour of the building, said the cracks convinced her not to buy a unit.

Several engineers said the cracks shown in the video do not provide any obvious warning signs of the building’s devastating collapse a year afterwards, the Miami Herald reports.

The garage is the same one described in an engineer’s 2018 report as having “major structural damage.”


The death toll has risen to 79[/caption]


An 2018 engineer’s report said the building had ‘structural damage’[/caption]

The rescue effort continues as dozens remain unaccounted for and more than 60 people are missing.

No one has been pulled alive from the building since the first few hours after part of the 12-story condo collapsed in the early hours of June 24.

On Thursday, Miami-Dade Assistant Fire Chief Raide Jadallah told families at a private briefing that the emergency crews would remove the rescue dogs and sound devices, but otherwise would continue to search through the rubble for the bodies of their relatives.

As relatives sobbed in the background, Chief Jadallah said, “Our sole responsibility at this point is to bring closure.”


Dozens are still missing after the collapse[/caption]

During the search, rescuers were twice required to halt their operation, citing instability in the remaining part of the condo, which was later demolished.

Another video shared by a Florida resident  shows water allegedly gushing from her mom’s apartment wall.

Bina Fink posted the shocking footage to TikTok, telling her followers she is “traumatized” after losing loved ones in the disaster.


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