Michael Blackson to Odell Beckham, ‘F**k Charity, Gimme That Money!’

Michael Blackson Hey, Odell Beckham ‘F**k Charity, Gimme That Money!’


Forget helping kids in poor countries … Michael Blackson says Odell Beckham needs to spend that new NFL jack on something even more important — “I’ll be your personal comedian!” 

Blackson — whose nephew, Eli Apple, is a starter for the NY Giants — says he’s super happy that Odell managed to secure the bag, but now he needs to spread some of that bread around. 

“All I want for you to do is spend that money on some good causes,” Blackson said … “Help the children in China, Argentina, Guatemala. You know what, f**k the kids. Help me out, man!”

“Get me a job, I’ll be your personal comedian! I’ll follow you around, I’ll make you laugh without tickling you!”

Blackson says he’ll cheer Odell up on bad days — and since he plays for the Giants, he’s gonna have a lot of bad days! 

And, Michael says he’s so serious about working for Odell, he’ll even bleach his hair blonde to fit in. 

“Whatever you need me to do … gimme some of that money!”


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