Michael Jackson Leaving Neverland documentary is RACIST and sets out to ‘destroy a black legend’, rapper T.I claims in sensational outburst

MICHAEL Jackson’s Leaving Neverland documentary is “racist” and sets out to “destroy a black legend”, rapper T.I has claimed in a sensational outburst.

The four-hour long doc focuses on child sex abuse allegations against the late King of Pop by accusers Wade Robson and James Safechuck.

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Rapper T.I has slammed the Leaving Neverland doc dubbing it ‘racist’[/caption]

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In an Instagram rant, rapper T.I said ‘We gotta examine Elvis’[/caption]

Rapper T.I, 38, immediately responded to the documentary after it aired in the US, calming the film tears down “another strong black historical LEGEND”.

He took to Instagram to voice his opinion: “Dead men can’t speak. So what was the point again?

“Destroy another strong black historical LEGEND?!?! It’s several examples of pedophilia [sic] in American History… if y’all pulling up all our old s***… we gotta examine ELVIS PRESLEY, HUGH HEPHNER [sic], and a whole slew of others guilty of the same if not more!!!

“BUT WHY US all the time? There’s an agenda to destroy OUR CULTURE.”

The rapper posted a video of a 1999 interview between Jackson and Piers Morgan, in which the pop star denies all abuse allegations levelled at him, as part of his rant.

These are assaults against OUR CULTURE!!! Make no mistake of it!!!

Rapper T.I

His outburst didn’t end there, as the rapper posted another Instagram, quoting a tweet that questioned why people are uncomfortable with the thought of leaving children alone with grown adults.

He continued: “These are assaults against OUR CULTURE!!! Make no mistake of it!!!”

Despite T.I suggesting so, Elvis Presley was never accused of sexual abuse, though there were rumours published after his death.

The Documentary gave a disturbing glimpse into the lives of former boy companions of Michael Jackson – who dressed like him, allegedly slept with him and have all accused the star of sex abuse.

The documentary was branded a “horror film” after the four-hour film’s debut revealed gruesome accounts from two of Jacko’s alleged victims who are now in their 30s.

Leaving Neverland left audience members shocked with graphic abuse claims including how he allegedly gave a young boy jewellery in exchange for sex acts.

It has provoked fury within the Jackson family, but the duo’s lawyer Vince Finaldi — one of just a handful of people to have already seen the movie — say it could be a moment of final reckoning.

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T.I said the doc sets out to ‘destroy a black legend’[/caption]

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