Michael Jackson superfans are convinced this footage of Wade Robson and James Safechuck smirking at each other is proof they’re lying about abuse

MICHAEL Jackson superfans are convinced this footage of Wade Robson and James Safechuck smiling at each other proves they’re lying about the alleged abuse.

The pair were the subjects of the new documentary Leaving Neverland, and claimed to have met the international pop superstar when they were 7 and 10 and endured years of sexual abuse.

Wade Robson and James Safechuck exchange a look after being asked about how their parents had taken the film

As the two-part documentary revealed disturbing allegation after disturbing allegation, there are still those who cling to the belief that Jackson was innocent, and look for evidence anywhere of their dishonesty.

The pair were taking questions as part of a stand up at the Sundance Festival when the footage was shot.

The questioner asks: “About your shared family experiences – how has it affected your parents and your siblings and your wives and so forth?

“Have they seen any part of the project, or what is your relationship like with them now, as a result of this thing? After they finally find out your truths.”


The pair make eye contact, and both visibly smile.

While many would see it as a moment of shared embarrassment met with humour, or a shared joke perhaps, Jacko diehards seem determined to see it as a slip of the mask, which exposes the pair as liars.

Safechuck responds that his mother was looking for forgiveness after the film, but he wasn’t able to fully give it to her.

While he speaks, Robson covers his mouth and then answers his family had seen the film individually, and that he was fearful of his mother seeing it.

He also tears up as he talks about how the family will move forward.


After the video of the Q and A was posted on YouTube, one commenter said: “WHO reacts to a serious question like that? they’re laughing and smiling. wasn’t this suppose to be heartbreaking and sad? they’re bad actors.”

Another commented: “100% lying and they know it!”

Another pointed to other body reactions with they deemed signs of lying, including that Robson and Safechuck pulled their collars and rubbed their eyes, and that Robson covered his mouth after smiling.

Many of the comments came from anonymous users with pictures of Jackson as their profiles, and names which related to his famous songs, including KillerThriller and 7moonwalker7.

Many social media users claimed to be able to tell the pair were lying about the abuse allegations
The two accusers eyes meet after the question
Wade Robson returns the smile
The two regain their composure to answer the question
Michael Jackson
Michael Jackson has been accused of child sexual abuse in explosive documentary Leaving Neverland: Michael Jackson and Me
Getty – Contributor
James Safechuck
James Safechuck starred in a Pepsi advert with the popstar
Getty – Contributor
Wade Robson
Wade Robson met Michael Jackson when he was seven after winning a dance competition

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