Michael Schumacher left Switzerland to Mallorca

Michael Schumacher, the ex-German champion of Formula 1 today heavily handicapped, will be moved to his home in Gland, in the canton of Vaud, in the direction of the south-west of the island of Mallorca, a twenty minute drive from Palma, in the neighbourhood of the ultra-protected Las Brisas, Andratx, where his wife Corinna has acquired a vast property of more than 30 million euros, which previously belonged to the billionaire Florentino Perez, the Madrid president. A true “bunker” to shelter of the glances. It is the swiss magazine “The Illustrated” which reveals this information Wednesday.

“I can officially confirm that Michael Schumacher will come and settle in our town and that it all gets here for the welcome”, says the mayor of the village, Katia Rouarch, Arnaud Bedat, the special envoy of the swiss magazine “The Illustrated”. “From what I know, things are organized, it is necessary to hire still of the medical staff, perform as, I imagine, a few transformations to accommodate in the best conditions. The police of the island, she adds, have also been informed of the imminent arrival of the famous patient German.”

The driver was a regular in the Balearic islands

Until his accident in December 2013 which had been holed up since in his vast property in the shores of lake Geneva, Michael Schumacher was a real regular visitor to the archipelago of the Balearic islands, making many trips, lodging sometimes in the villa’s manager, Willi Weber. His brother Ralph Schumacher remains there as regularly.

A few months ago, a German magazine believed also that the family Schumacher reflected to a transfer of the patient to a specialized clinic in the United States. Finally, so this will be Spain. In all quietude. The place now in an environment that is familiar and stimulating, where he lived previously of the happy days, in a climate he had always appreciated, could be part as a form of therapy, still reports the swiss magazine. The 3 next January, Michael Schumacher will celebrate its 50 years. His wife, Corinna, as we know, is ready to do everything, try everything for her champion husband, and still wants to believe in miracle. Palma de Mallorca is now embodied for her a new life and a new hope.

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