Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella sells $ 35.9 million in stock

Microsoft’s Managing Director Satya Nadella sold $ 35.9 million of its shares in the company, according to an application with the SEC on Friday.

The application shows that Nadella sold 328,000 shares and accounts for approximately one third of its common share in the company. After the sale, he still owns 778,596 ordinary shares in Microsoft – plus another 2.2 million or so of various types of shares in the company.

This move represents Nadella’s largest share sales after taking the regimes in Microsoft in 2014. Earlier, Nadella had sold about 8.3 million dollars of shares in 2016.

In a statement, Microsoft said that Nadella made the move “for personal financial planning and for reasons of diversification. “In fact, this move marks the beginning of a trading plan, whereby Nadella regularly sells parts of its Microsoft capital on a fixed schedule.

“Satya is committed to continued success in the company and his holding significantly exceeds the holding requirements that Microsoft’s board of directors determined,” Microsoft said in the statement.

Yet, only Nadella’s great personal wealth: Nadella took home $ 20 million in cash and shares in Microsoft’s 201

7 fiscal year alone. And under the leadership of Nadella, Microsoft’s shareholding continues to hold festivals, as the company’s $ 835 billion goes steadily against a $ 1 billion valuation, making its inventory even more valuable.

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