Microsoft Releases New Windows 10 Preview With Dark Theme For File Explorer

Microsoft released a new preview for computers with dark theme support in File Explorer and improvements to Narrator. This building is from the RS5 department, which represents the Windows 10 update that the company plans to release later this year. The company also releases buildings from the 19H1 branch, which will be announced in the first half of next year.

Windows 10 is being developed as a service, which means that it regularly receives new features. Microsoft has released five major updates so far: November Update, Anniversary Update, Creators Update, Fall Creators Update, and April 2018 Update. In 1948, Microsoft released the first Windows 1

0 building to support a dark theme in File Explorer. Today’s building completes “What we are going to do for this edition,” announced the team. That does not mean dark theme development, but that means what you see in File Explorer in this building is what you get in the next Windows 10 release.

This desktop building also contains the following general bug fixes and enhancements (most are for narrators):

  • The XAML shadows have been taken offline and acrylic has been removed from some popup controls. They will return in a later building.
  • Solve a question from new flights where the touch keyboard can be invisible on the screen.
  • Solve a problem in recent flights where components in a message with a status bar (such as when using nearby sharing) can blink each time the progress bar is updated.
  • Solve a problem where some devices if you restore the device and chose to keep files after logging in to Windows, the Sound Settings page will not respond. [19659006] Solve the problem where the High Contrast drop flashed when the values ​​changed.
  • Solve the problem where Narrator could not access all emoji in the touch keyboard emoji panel.
  • Fixed problem where the author did not say “selected” after selecting the image with the keyboard.
  • Solve the issue where Touch Narrator focus remains on the word even after unchecking.
  • Solve the problem where the Narrator key became clever when we
  • Fixed the problem where the Narrator’s Command Restore Default dialog box was not read by the narrator.
  • Solve the problem where Narrator’s copy and paste function would say “the selection was removed” but the selection was left.
  • Solve the problem where Narrator auto dialog reads the command key assignment dialog twice.
  • Enhances the narration experience as it moves through characters and announces phonetic statements.
  • Solve the problem where Narrator focuses and keyboard focus stopped syncing after navigating TreeView controls.
  • Solve the problem where the narrator incorrectly counted the calculator display with focus on values ​​over 100.
  • Solve the issue where the launch of Narrator QuickStart with the link in Narrator Settings displays the narrator icon in the taskbar. [19659006] Solve the issue where the narrator could not read the label in the Word document recovery dialog.
  • Solve the problem so that the narrator can now navigate the contents of the new notebook.
  • Solve the problem where Navigation Mode Navigation did not progress after connecting to a link.
  • Solve the problem where Narrator navigated in the Microsoft Edge browser window with scan mode on some web pages.
  • Solve the problem where Narrator crashed when the developer mode was used and the generated string would be null.
  • Solve the problem where Narrator’s continuous reading stuck on a table item in some HTML emails.

] Today’s update strikes Windows 10 building number for the RS5 department from 17730 (available to testers on August 3) to build 17733.

This building has 11 known issues:

  • Your computer will bugcheck ( GSOD) when deleting a local folder that is synchronized with OneDrive.
  • Clicking a link to start an app from another app may not work for some Insiders.
  • When upgrading to this building, you will find that the activity bar (network, volume, etc) is no longer a.
  • When using Ease of Access Make text larger setting, you can see text clip problems or find that the text does not increase in size everywhere.
  • In Windows 10 in S mode, you start Office in Store, failing to start an error if a .dll is not designed to run on Windows. The error message is that a .dll “is either not intended to run on Windows or it contains an error. Try installing the program again.” Some have been able to work around this by uninstalling and reinstalling Office from the store.
  • When using the Narrator Scan mode, you can experience multiple stops for a single check. An example of this is if you have a picture that is also a link.
  • When using the Scanner Shift + Selection Shift + Selection command in Microsoft Edge, the text is not selected correctly.
  • A potential increase in Start Reliability and Performance Issues in this building.
  • After installing a Windows Mixed Reality headset for the first time in this way with motion controllers, the controls may need to be re-connected again before appearing on the headset.
  • When using an immersive app with Windows Mixed Reality, saying “Lamp On” may fail to enable the flashlight feature despite the status being displayed as active in the Start menu.
  • If you are installing some of the latest buildings from the fast and switch to slow ring – any content like activating developer mode fails. You need to stay in the Quickbar to add / install / enable any content. This is because optional content is only installed on buildings that are approved for specific rings.

Do not install it as always on your production machine.


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