Mike Pompeo hints at 2024 presidential run and is ‘up for a fight’ with former boss Trump

DONALD TRUMP’S former Secretary of State Mike Pompeo refused to rule out a 2024 White House run, declaring he is “always up for a fight”.

The 57-year-old would not exclude the possibility of joining the next presidential race if his ex-boss Trump decides not to run.


Former Secretary of State Mike Pompeo refused to rule out a 2024 presidential bid if his former boss Donald Trump does not run[/caption]


Pompeo was a critic turned colleague of the former President and wants to ‘keep at the conservative movement’[/caption]

Pompeo spoke of “keeping at the conservative movement” with Fox News host Sean Hannity on Wednesday night.

“Say there is a scenario that Donald Trump makes a decision that he is not going to run in 2024, would you consider getting in that race?” the interviewer queried.

“I am always up for a good fight,” Pompeo replied, revealing his willingness to prove himself in the future presidential election.

“I care deeply about America. You know I have been part of the conservative movement for an awfully long time now. I aim to keep at it.”

Hannity told the former CIA Director that he “didn’t know how to interpret that” but would “take that as a strong maybe”.

“That’s perfect!” Pompeo responded. He had previously sparked rumors he was entering the political boxing ring after mysteriously tweeting: “1,384 days,” on January 21, 2021, seemingly referencing a countdown to the election on November 24, 2024.

Republicans are riled up for 2024 after the chaos of last year’s election, which was plagued by accusations of mass voter fraud by Donald Trump.


Pompeo served under Trump as Director of the CIA before becoming Secretary of State[/caption]

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Pompeo told the interviewer he was ‘up for a fight’ and that he ‘cares deeply’ about the US[/caption]

Pompeo has become a front-runner for a stint in the Oval Office after his obvious attempts to remain a known-name in his party.

He has joined fundraising efforts, made multiple media appearances, and dropped hints he is resurrecting his old campaign committee.

The California-born politician also spoke at the Conservative Political Action Conference on Saturday.

Pompeo, a critic turned colleague of Trump, has also remained vocal about his critiques of the Biden administration’s actions in office.

He told Hannity, “We took good care of America. I watch what this administration is doing. It appears to look like a blame America first pattern that has begun to take place.

“World leaders and my counterparts all across the world are watching closely. Senior leadership all across the world, they watch every statement that is made, they watch every move. They see what their patterns are like, the kinds of behaviors they exhibit when times are tough and when the pressure is really on.”

“When the United States exhibits weakness it creates real risk for our soldiers, sailors airmen, marines all across the world,” Pompeo continued. 


Pompeo has been a vocal critic of the Biden administration while praising his predecessor Donald Trump’s actions in office[/caption]

“Weakness begets war and strength determines whether an adversary is going to be deterred and whether allies really want to toss in with us when the times get difficult.”

He went on to stress the “greatest threat” to the US is the Chinese communist party. Pompeo has been openly critical of the country and took a memorable tough stance with them while working under Trump.

He told Fox, “They present the most sustained threat to our fundamental way of life in the United States of America. I hope the administration take the threat seriously.

‘The American people deserve it and I know they will demand it.”

Last year he accused the World Health Organisation of being under the control of China, and blamed them for the millions of coronavirus deaths across the world.

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Pompeo shared a cryptic countdown tweet to the 2024 election and is rumoured to be reviving his old campaign committee[/caption]

Getty Images – Getty

Speculation continues to increase that Donald Trump will run for President again in 2024[/caption] Link

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