Millions of women ‘dreading’ having sex with their partner on Valentine’s Day because of vaginal dryness

FOR some women Valentine’s Day means extra TLC and pampering from their partner, but for others it means pain and discomfort.

With February 14 a popular day for getting inbetween the sheets, it has emerged millions are dreading doing the deed.

Millions of women are dreading sex on February 14
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A study of 2,000 women, aged between 40 and 61, found three million were worried about having sex.

Dryness down there seems to be top issue, with half of women over 40 – six million – suffering from it at some point during their life.

On Valentine’s Day, a fifth admitted they’ve made up an excuse to get out of sex, while 24 per cent confessed they’ve ‘suffered in silence’.

Of the women who’ve said no to sex because of vaginal dryness, 52 per cent said they felt as if they’d let their partner down, while 33 per cent felt their partner was unhappy with them.

Intimate health issues, such as vaginal dryness, are still such taboo subjects meaning women are suffering in silence

Dr Ellie Cannon

And according to research, commissioned by Vagisil who have launched a ‘Fearless GP Survey’ campaign, a third said not feeling able to have sex made them feel ‘less womanly’.

Dr Ellie Cannon, a practising GP, said: “Intimate health issues, such as vaginal dryness, are still such taboo subjects meaning women are suffering in silence, when in fact it is a really common problem.

“What’s more, vaginal dryness often isn’t recognised as a genuine condition by its sufferers.”

Ellie is one of the doctors taking part in the Fearless GP Surgery, running on Vagisil’s website.

It’s offering women the chance to chat anonymously to GPs for free advice, between 5pm-10pm on Wednesday February 13.

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