Minister? Daniel Cohn-Bendit does not close completely the door

The government will be “full” on Tuesday , assured Friday, Benjamin Griveaux. Will be there with Daniel Cohn-Bendit in the place of the minister of the ecological Transition? This historical figure of the ecology that Emmanuel Macron regularly consults with account among the names cited to replace Nicolas Hulot, who announced her resignation Tuesday to the general surprise.

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Castaner “love” Cohn-Bendit

The “JDD” and “Ouest France“,Daniel Cohn-Bendit says he has been contacted by the loyal lieutenants of president Christophe Castaner and Benjamin Griveaux. According to our information, the boss of the walkers called it Thursday. Christophe Castaner “loves” Daniel Cohn-Bendit and among those who say the head of State that it is necessary to send a signal to the base of the left. Matignon, on his side argues the case for Sébastien Lecornu, the secretary of State for the ecological Transition.

Daniel Cohn-Bendit has not totally closed the door for the ministry. “I’m not at all meant to be a minister. If minister, this was only to do press conferences, that I can do, all days, all hours and in all languages “, says he with the “JDD” adding that “he holds of his freedom.”

Macron “is not fallen small in the pot-friendly”

But, he adds, from “West France”, “for the moment, Emmanuel Macron gave me anything directly. I understand that he would ask to see me on Sunday” to Integrate government? “For the moment, it is rather : no, but… I really don’t know what I’ll do. I’m waiting to see what that will tell me Emmanuel Macron, and the lessons he draws from the resignation of Nicolas Hulot”, he says again.

“The ecology remains very marginal in France. As you well know in the West, with the history of the ecotax and red caps. It had to be done, but Holland did not. The departure of Hulot poses a real problem of society. How we manage to change our way of life. This is not only a question of lobbies. It takes a real change of mentality”, developing the new consultant for LCI. “Macron is aware of the issues. But it is not Obelix, it has not fallen small in the pot-friendly “.

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