Miya Marcano update – Family think missing teen could be ‘tied up’ somewhere after ‘suspect’ Armando Caballero’s suicide

AFTER her disappearance on September 18, members of Miya Marcano’s family say she “could be tied up,” but can “feel their presence in the area” where the search continues.

Miya Marcano, a 19-year-old Valencia College sophomore, was last seen at around 5pm on September 18 at the Arden Villas apartments in Orlando, where she lives and works in the building’s leasing office.

Speaking to The Sun, Miya’s cousin, Caili Sue, addressed Miya: “We’re coming for you, and if you could send us a sign or anything, or if you hear us in the area, you need to make as much noise as possible.

“Because we’re listening and we’re here in large numbers, searching for her everywhere – high, low, and in the bushes.

Caili Sue said a maintenance worker at Miya’s apartment complex, Armando Manuel Caballero, was “obsessed” and “infatuated” with the teen.

Caballero was “constantly texting her,” Caili Sue reports, despite Miya making clear she wasn’t romantically interested in him.

In a press conference, police announced Caballero, had been found dead from an apparent suicide.

“I just feel really angry and frustrated because I felt like we had him and then he was gone,” said Caili Sue, saying Caballero took “the cowardly way out.”

The teen had been scheduled to catch a flight from Orlando to Fort Lauderdale later that night to visit her family.

However, she never boarded the plane and hasn’t been heard from or seen since, Miya’s worried parents and loved ones told WESH.

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