Mojito, pina colada… The products to the taste of cocktails of concern to the doctors

They are scented with mojito, pina colada or spritz and have conquered the palate of many children. Several brands of candy, sodas, syrups, juice, and even yoghurt now offer ranges that match the aromas to cocktails without alcohol. Products that do not have the endorsement of the doctors. Of addictologues are concerned about the image conveyed by these sweets to children, and “the trivialization of alcohol”.

“We offer alcohol without alcohol to young people”

In terms of public health, it is stupid crazy. Childhood memories play a role, as an adult. This will lead later to under-estimate the risk of alcohol, it is the same farce as with the Champomy“, takes William Lowenstein, president of SOS Addictions, in an interview granted to the Parisian.

For his part, the President of the French Federation of addiction, the professor Amine benyamina l, has spoken of the “campaign execrable,” conducted by the manufacturers who offer these products. “This gives a good side child products which are covered by the act. The industrial play on the ambiguity in speaking to adults, but it is all the same candy, he says the Parisian. These methods are neither innocent, nor naive, they make me think of the cigarettes to the chocolate, which had been banned in the 2000s. We offer alcohol without alcohol to young people.

Professor Amine benyamina l also explains that these products educate the palate of children and adolescents and these flavors that they will later, in cocktails, and this trivialises the alcohol. The prevention is not sufficient according to the doctor, because the State is “totally paralyzed by the lobby of the alcohol”.

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