Mollie Tibbetts, killed 20-year-old doing his jogging

Mollie Tibbetts, was jogging when she was killed. The american student 20-year-old had gone missing last July 18 in Iowa. She was found dead early this week in a corn field and a suspect has been arrested. If the authorities refuse to give the details of this investigation, the first results of the autopsy have been released. They have revealed that Mollie had succumbed to injury from a sharp object, reports CBS.

The day of the crime, the suspect, Cristhian Bahena Rivera, would have seen the young woman doing his jogging. He would follow her to the edge of his black car, spotted by a neighbor, which will prevent later the FBI. Then, The man would be out of his vehicle to run up behind his victim. Mollie Tibbetts would have taken the phone in the hand and would have warned she would call the police. It is there that he would be angry and, in panic, according to his statements, would have reacted with violence. Cristhian Bahena Rivera has claimed to the police that he did not remember this precise moment. He told how he had then hidden the body.

The man unknown to the police

The investigation is now seeking to determine the motive of the murder. The suspect, a Mexican man who lived illegally in the United States since at least 4 years was unknown to the police. “Suddenly, he has done that. Why this rapid escalation of the assault to kidnapping to homicide ? It is on this that we need to focus. We want to dig up her past, not just the last few weeks. Who is this guy ? Where has he been ? What has he done ?”, told “People” the officer Mitch Mortved. The bail of the suspect was set at $ 5 million.

Mollie Tibbetts followed studies of psychology at the University. His next of kin had quickly launched a first call for help, explaining that they were “sick and desperate”. “The smallest clue could help us,” said her cousin Emily on a group on Facebook open to Mollie. “We do not want to miss the slightest information. We can never quite share the photo and the story of Mollie. Thank you to all the volunteers and the community for their support and their love”, she added. Interviewed on ABC in the show “Good Morning America,” his father had said : “We need the people to reflect. Someone must know something, and maybe they don’t know themselves that this is important.” His funeral will be held Sunday.

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