Molly-Mae confuses fans on Instagram with ‘broken leg’ in ripped jeans

MOLLY-MAE has confused her fans on Instagram by posing with a “broken leg” in ripped jeans.

The 20-year-old Love Island star appeared to have a twisted leg one of latest snaps.

Fans thought Molly-Mae’s leg looked ‘broken’ in these ripped jeans

In the picture she is posing in ripped jeans, but the way she is standing, it looks like her right leg is disjointed.

Fans were quick to point this out, with one saying: “Leg looks broken in 3 places (followed by a laughing emoji).”

While this one said: “Girl, I’m worried about your leg! You OK?”

Another laughed: “You look beautiful but what’s going on with your right leg?”

Molly-Mae’s boyfriend Tommy Fury had to defend her last week
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This latest gaffe comes hot on the heels of her boyfriend Tommy Fury being forced to defend her after cruel trolls mocked her cooking skills.

Last week the boxer shared a clip of a meal she had lovingly made him – which featured chicken, potatoes and veg.

The video ended up going viral with people questioning her cooking style while branding the food “dry” and “boring”.

But protective Tommy hit back at the comments,  telling fans: “Can I just say that the meal @mollymaehague made for me was a fighters meal clean cut food I don’t like seasoning or any of that btw.

Fans were not sure about her cooking style

“It was the most caring thing anyone has ever done for me so thanks for the meal babe I love you. Come on guys where’s the love.”

In the original clip Tommy gushes: “So. Hard training session at the gym, I come back to the most wifey-est, wife of them all.”

Molly-Mae wasn’t so sure herself and admitted: “It looks terrible, and it’s plastic plates as well.”

Her loving man replied: “It doesn’t! Listen, that don’t matter about the plates.”

Despite Tommy telling his followers to be nice they couldn’t resist mocking him further.

One person wrote:  “So his family brought him up, fed him (seasoned) food, put a roof over his head, supported him, but molly’s plain chicken is the most caring thing anyone has done for him! god bless u molly!”

Another added: “That chicken did not deserve to die to be unseasoned like that. Disrespectful.”

While another person said: “It’s good to defend your gf but I’m sure when you guys go out you don’t say ‘hold the seasoning please….also can you just boil it?’” She will get better tho.”


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