Mom, 37, ‘who had sex with pitbull then hanged her young kids’ gets taxpayer-funded lawyer because ‘she has no money’

A PENNSYLVANIA mom alleged to have had sex with her pit bull before hanging her two kids was granted a public defender for her murder trial, a report said.

Lisa Snyder had retained private lawyer Dennis George Charles, court papers show, but Berks County judge Paul Yatron has deemed her unable to pay for her counsel after she requested to be considered indigent, The Morning Call reported.

Berks County Jail

Snyder is currently housed in Berks County Jail on charges stemming from alleged sex acts with a dog and the murder of her children[/caption]


Snyder’s children were found hanging in their basement and died three days later[/caption]

Charles reportedly told the judge that her parents were paying her legal fees and that Snyder, who has not had a job for five years before her arrest despite owning a car worth $23,000, needed money to pay for legal experts.

Snyder, 37, was busted last December after a lengthy investigation led to her arrest for the death of her children and allegedly engaging in acts of bestiality with the pooch.

Snyder’s children, eight-year-old son Conner and four-year-old daughter Brinley, were found hanging in the basement of their home last September by paramedics.

One of the paramedics who responded, Eric Bubbenmoyer, has testified before the court – describing Snyder as “very anxious, very nervous,” the paper reported.

Snyder’s children Brinley and Conner were found hanging in their basement

AP:Associated Press

Lisa R. Snyder is led from the Berks County, Pa. State Police Barracks  following her arraignment for murder charges[/caption]

A state trooper then helped the EMTs carry the children out of the basement when they weren’t able to revive them. The kids were taken by helicopter to a local hospital where they remained for a week until they were taken off life support and died.

During the homicide investigation, cops found Facebook messages in which Snyder is claimed to have given live updates, sent photos of the sex acts and whined about the dog biting her genitals to the man she was speaking with.

“‘He’s eating my p***y daddy … He keeps moving every time the flash goes off,” messages reportedly say.

The single mom had apparently had contact with child welfare agencies, but the children were not being monitored at the time they were found.

Snyder has been charged with two counts of first degree murder, two counts of third degree murder, sexual intercourse with an animal and cruelty to animals — as well as charges for endangering the welfare of children.

She is currently being housed in Berks County Prison without bail and prosecutors are reported to be seeking the death penalty.

Snyder is scheduled to appear again in court in November, but no trial date has been set.


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