Mom-of-two, 33, who was broke on food stamps now makes $30,000 a MONTH on OnlyFans and helps other struggling families

A WOMAN broke on benefits and foods stamps now makes up to $30,000 a MONTH on OnlyFans – and now helps other struggling families.

Jade Nicole, 33, even had her home seized after her husband’s income wasn’t enough to support her and her two children.

A mom of two started making $30,000 a month selling photos on OnlyFans
Jade Nicole, 33, was $100,000 in debt and would rely on food drives and benefits for years

She was in $100,000 worth of debt, would go to food drives and was dependent on benefits for years until she saved herself and her family by selling X-rated snaps and videos.

Jade said: “It felt like everything was closing in when your home is the issue at stake, it was really devastating to have that fear.”

The mom-of-two from Kansas City, Missouri, USA, now has a new car, regular tropical holidays and her eyes set on a new house.

Jade said: “Prior to online sex work, I was a stay-at-home, home-schooling mom. I was a pretty boring, vanilla wife, and our marriage was lacking.

She now is out of debt and regularly enjoys vacations and is looking to purchase a new home
She said she turned to the online service after realizing her home could be taken

“This job has kind of returned me to my pre-mom days.”

Back when Jade was at school, she made a website in her computer class which had a ‘secret’ page, where the color of the link was the same as the background.

This was where she posted nude pics – and the entire football team ended up finding it.

She said: “I had a super good side, valedictorian, national honour society, the good girl image, but then I had this promiscuous side.”

After Jade got married to her high school sweetheart in 2006 and started her family, supporting herself got a little bit harder.

She dropped out of her training to become a pharmacist and became a stay-at-home mom, living on her husband’s income from his supervisor role in the United States Postal Service.

Jade’s home was foreclosed in 2015 as her family racked up debt
She once posted a nude photo online while as a valedictorian in school

She said: “We simply weren’t making enough on one income to pay the bills and just got further and further behind every month.

Jade would have to go to food drives in order to feed her two young children, now nine and 13, until she applied for benefits in 2017 which she relied upon for a few years.

She couldn’t afford for her daughter to pursue her dreams in competitive gymnastics, and would have to scrape together change to pay for petrol.

The family got deep into nearly $100,000 worth of debt and even had her house foreclosed in 2015.

Jade said: “Normally I have a super positive outlook, I try to look for silver linings but when it was like that it was the lowest low, having to worry about where you family is going to live.”

But in February 2018, Jade met a girl on Facebook who told her about the money she was making by selling sexy snaps over Snapchat.

Jade said: “She gave me all sorts of training, she was training several girls at the time but I was the only one who actually stuck through it and ended up outperforming her!”

A little over a year later, other models recommended Jade move onto OnlyFans – a content subscription service that was gaining in popularity.

In February 2018, Jade met a girl on Facebook who told her how to sell photos online
Jade made $1,000 her first month and it soon became $5,000 within a few more months

In her first month, Jade made $1,000 which slowly crept up to about $5,000, and in August 2019 it became her primary platform and source of income.

She said: “We went from late fees and shut-off utility services to paying our bills early and stashing money in savings.

“We actually have five and ten year goals for the future now, whereas before, we couldn’t foresee even the next day.

“Recently, I even loaned a friend $2,000 for an online course she needed to take, without thinking twice, something I’d never be in the position to do prior to this job.”

She splashed out on an SUV, a new wedding ring, breast implants, designer lingerie, holidays, and is now looking to upgrade her house.

But then her earnings shot up in the pandemic to nearly $30,000 a month, and even had to employ assistants to help with the admin.

Her husband is really supportive of her work, helping her with the lighting on her shoots and laying out her lingerie for her or pick out props.

She said: “We’ll take business trips – we’ll pick a location, go somewhere and expense it on the business because I’ll plan to film the entire time.

“It is kind of cool on weekends – we just hang out and work alongside each other!”

Her husband is supportive of her work
She decided to help others who similarly went through such debt-related situations

After a family holiday at the beginning of December 2020, Jade decided that she wanted to give back to her community after relying on food banks herself for so long.

She said: “I woke up and just had an overwhelming ‘blessed’ feeling and felt so lucky to be in this new position of having financial freedom and seeing my hard work pay off in such amazing ways.

“We had an incredible relationship-building vacation with our kids, and I just felt so lucky, almost guilty though, that we had had such a stress-free, amazing trip.

“I had been seeing a lot of posts on Facebook, from people looking for help for holiday gifts, and it just seemed there was such a tremendous need for basics, like groceries, as well.”

On December 16, Jade posted on the community Facebook page to reach out to those in need and contacted the local school system who provided her a list of hungry families.

Her and her family put together bags of groceries that included a ham, potatoes, dressing, green beans, corn, macaroni and cheese, crescent rolls, and Christmas cookies for Santa.

Jade and her husband then went out and delivered them to over 50 homes over a four day period.

She said: “It’s really humbling – this job has helped me in so many ways but it was really nice to be able to use that benefit to help somebody else.

“Having been in that position, it’s really embarrassing when you have to ask for food and show up to these places, so it was nice to be able to offer.

“When you go to a food bank you don’t get nice food, you get like like ramen or whatever unwanted stuff somebody donated.

“We wanted to intentionally put together a nice meal,” she said. “Even took my kids to the grocery store and together we made a lesson out of it in budgeting and I made them count it out.”


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