Moment vandal is filmed trying to rip cross from roof of church in east London as cops arrest suspect

THIS is the shocking moment a vandal tried to rip a cross from a church roof in east London

The footage, which was posted on social media, appears to show the man repeatedly pulling at the wooden cross from its base above the entrance to Chadwell Heath Baptist Church in Romford.


Footage shows the man repeatedly pulling down on the cross[/caption]


The man is seen trying to remove the cross from the roof [/caption]

The man, who was later arrested, put the hood of a coat over the top of the cross and can be seen trying to pull the cross down several times and release it from its base.

Metropolitan Police said cops were called at 2.40pm today to the church on High Road.

A man was arrested at the scene on suspicion of criminal damage.

A police spokesman said the cross had been recovered and the man was still in police custody.

The Sun Online has contacted Chadwell Heath Baptist Church for comment. 

Earlier this month yobs were caught trying to start a fire inside a Glasgow Catholic Church as it was being prepared to hold a funeral service.

The group of vandals were reportedly caught in the act after breaking their way into St Gregory’s Church in Kelvindale before being chased off.

The pair, who were described as youths, smashed their way into the church through a window at the side of the building and set about causing destruction.

They were then caught in the act by Father Allan who is believed to have chased them off 


Met Police say they were called at 2.40pm today[/caption]


Cops arrested the man at the scene[/caption] Link

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