My child has a stomach ache : 10 natural solutions to relieve the pain

“I’m sick to ventreeeee” This lamentation is very common in young children and the causes are varied : gastroenteritis, indigestion, constipation, stress, appendicitis… To navigate and act in the best to relieve your little one, we offer you our 10 natural solutions to overcome tummy upset of your child.

Our 10 natural recipes to relieve upset stomach

What are the causes of stomach pain in children ?

Depending on the intensity of the pain and symptoms present in the child, the origin may substantially differ. Pay heed to what your child describes you and do not hesitate to consult your doctor in case of doubt.

Constipation, food intolerance, disorders of the digestive are the most common in children. Pay attention to what he eats and when he begins to complain of abdominal pain.

Diseases such as the flu, rhinitis or sore throat can cause stomach pain in children at a young age. If the origin is viral, not need antibiotics : a little bit of rest and the help of our natural solutions should deliver it quickly, on foot.

Finally, it happens that the stomach aches are characteristic among children anxious and stressed. These abdominal pain are more frequent when episodes of eerie, or after a big wrath for example. Talk with your child to assess if the tummy ache is the result of a annoyance not expressed…

A few rules to follow if your child complains of stomach pains :

– avoid giving him to eat and made him instead to drink hot drinks

– apply a hot water bottle warm on his stomach to reduce the pain

– give him a tablet type paracetamol

– watch for his transit and his appetite

massage gently on the painful area

If your child complains of severe pain, it is better to consult quickly. It can be an attack of appendicitis.

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