My one and only council to win in style

Mon seul et unique conseil pour gagner en style

I’ll tell you frankly, it will be nice to give you all the tips and all the tools, you refine your silhouette, steer you towards the good cups and good colors for you to highlight, all this is useless if you don’t take into account that only council to win in style.

It is through my years of experience in the fashion and accessory high-end, through my hundreds of articles, and my thousands of interactions with you or with my clients that I understood THE secret of a style in which you feel quite yourself.


1) Explore and do with what you have

Simple as “hello” and yet so difficult to accept. You already have a lot of things in your wardrobe. And even if you don’t like any, you have clothing that you love, buried in the depths of your wardrobe.


“But I have nothing to put me ! “How can you say then that you are not even a fait accompli ? Often, when one says this phrase, it is the emotion talking and not the quantity of fabric that you accumulate within your wardrobe.

The sad truth is that you have a LOT of things, but you have just forgotten. Your brain has found it more “practical” than making shortcuts, making you wear all the time the same things.


This is also why you sometimes realize that you are buying the parts in double. You have loved to bought this little black top the other day, you felt filled with the idea that it belongs to you, filled with the store of your wardrobe.

And after ? A month after ? You had completely forgotten , in part because you have noticed that there was nothing exceptional and that he strongly resembles one (or more) other small tops that you already own.

So all that for nothing. The time, money, and the feeling of being filled by a purchase which in fact had all of the ” compulsion “.

It is far from the purchase thought that, I would argue, one that has its place in your wardrobe and makes you happy just by seeing them, the one that makes you use your budget in the right way, the one who shapes your style and that makes you feel deeply ONE with the image that you send.

Marie claire

Look at us in the face for a moment and do the accounts : how much have you spent these last 5 years to complete your wardrobe ? 1000 euros, 3000 euros ? See more ?

The average budget of the French is of 1300 euros per year. (study for the year 2017)

How many hours of your valuable time have you spent ? What power have you assigned to your shop ? Looking for your style ?

On a scale of 1 to 10, at what point are you satisfied ?

All of this is not trivial. And these are questions that you should ask yourself. It is time to make the point. If you are not satisfied, if you have nothing to put you, take the time to … tidy up.

2) the care and order

The here is the here is my super tip ! In order to win in style, you need to know on the fingertips of your wardrobe. And that requires a good spring cleaning. You need to de-clutter your dressing room what doesn’t work for you, you need to take each piece in your hands so you remember.


Certainly, you will fall on parts that you don’t like, “which do not bring you any joy,” as so well expressed by Marie Kondo, but you’ll also probably on small wonders forgotten in a corner. These parts that you have been so much fun to buy, and which have fallen by the wayside.

Wrong rows, bent beneath a pile of clothes or extended with 3 other rooms… you see exactly what I’m talking about, right ?

Then comes the time of exploration ! Celebrate this new find, this wonder missed !


Try it, confront it to a part to which you would have never thought of, accessorise-there, in SHORT, have fun with, and especially touch. Yes, here in the sense of touch has an importance of its magnificent : you give the material to your brain, you push its limits ! These limits are so human that cause you to take shortcuts (handy to remember the recipe for pancakes but less practical when it comes to exercise creativity) !

We are beings of habits, but also creative, it just takes a little work on it, and not to let our habits we fall asleep.

3) never go back

Now that the sorting is done, you find yourself in front of a wardrobe that has meaning and that you can view in a blink of an eye, it is high time to organize your future.

No question of falling back into the same pattern, losing money, save space and more importantly, more question to let your style fly.

The storage methods are learned, the style and creativity also. If you were never explained, so if you have never entered, if you have never searched for solutions, it is quite normal to still find that you have nothing to put you.

This is why I am here. You are in the right place, you’ve searched and you’ve found it !

Within BH, it helps you to improve your style. But as I said, all our efforts are in vain if you don’t go through this phase of questioning.

Perhaps this also is too laborious to tackle this in your corner ? One does not realize the extent to which the garment is a reflection of our inside. The style has a strong psychological impact and it may be the most wonderful personal development tools is like your best enemy.

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