Monday Motivation: don’t wait till 2020 to better yourself (23 photos)

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  1. We have to wait until 1996. The Taliban take Kabul. The bomb rain, finally, stops. Another fear is beginning. The monumental Buddhas of Bamiyan are destroyed, theatres and cinemas closed, music abolished. The most beautiful pages of the Afghan novel are reduced to ashes in the auto-afés. Women soon see the world through the loopholes of their Chadri, the full veil imposed. They are no longer allowed to study or work, certainly not to play sports. And yet, Nadia will receive her first ball… From her father’s hands, a football fan who hates the idea that stadiums are used for whipping, stoning, hanging… “I had an old black and white ball with which I used to play prison ball with my sisters. And then, one day, my father told us: “No, no, no, no! Let me show you how to play football.” He taught us to juggle, to shoot. These gestures are engraved in my memory.” A general of the Afghan National Army, her father was murdered by the Taliban in 2000; she was 12 years old. From then on, his mother no longer had a choice: “We no longer had the right to leave home without a man. She had to feed me and my four sisters on $5 a month! The whole country had become a threat. How to live like this? My mother decided to take us very far.”

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