Monday’s UK weather forecast – sunny and dry in most regions but cloudy in the north west

AFTER a chilly morning, most areas of Britain will enjoy largely dry and sunny spells.

However, it’ll be cloudy across northwestern regions with rain in the north turning heavier.

UK weather forecast for 7am on Monday

UK weather forecast for 4pm on Monday


UK outlook for Tuesday October 23 to Thursday October 25

THE north will be mostly windy with western Scotland expected to be hit by heavy rain on Tuesday.

It will remain mostly dry in the south with temperatures set to rise slightly as the week goes on.

UK outlook for Friday October 26 to Monday 19 November

COLDER weather will begin to dominate across all parts of Britain on the Friday, and temperatures will set to feel ever lower due to strong winds.

Widespread frost is likely and ice is expected to form where rain has fallen.

It’ll become drier from the north west into the following week but rain could hit the east and south east for a time.

Temperatures are set to be cold with overnight frost.

From Monday 5 November, the forecast looks changeable and windy at times.

Towards the middle of the month, high pressure is set to be dominant bringing more settled conditions.

Across the south there will be rain at times and any mild spells being short-lived.

UK surface pressure forecast for 1pm Monday

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