‘Monkey dust’ epidemic costs councils millions as so many addicts’ kids ‘are taken into care’

THE “monkey dust” epidemic costs councils millions as so many addicts’ kids are taken into care, an authority has warned.

One hit of the drug is just £2 and has led to some people eating their own faces.

'MOnkey Dust' has been dubbed the 'family wrecker' by Staffordshire local authority
‘Monkey Dust’ has been dubbed the ‘family wrecker’ by Staffordshire local council
Gloucestershire Police

Police in Staffordshire had 950 callouts in the past three months involving the powder, and the local council has dubbed it a “family wrecker”.

It said parental drug use was a major factor in 27 per cent of assessments by its kids’ care team.

Some 960 families were in the system, with the number of “looked-after” kids passing 1,100 in March — up 11 per cent in a year.

In a report, Staffordshire County Council said the rise cost it an extra £3.5million and warned millions more will be needed without intervention.

It said monkey dust was particularly “prevalent” in the region.

Councillor Kyle Robinson added: “Once families come into the system it can be very hard to get them out.”


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