Morrisons shopper buys giant 10-item breakfast bap for £3 – and gets ‘disappointing’ crusty roll

A MORRISONS shopper was left fuming after ordering a giant 10-item breakfast bap for £3 – and being sold a “disappointing” dry, and broken, crusty roll.

Its “big breakfast butty takeaway” is meant to be crammed with two sausages, two rashers of bacon, two hash browns, a fried egg, mushrooms, baked beans and one tomato – served up in an 18cm bread roll.

The Morrisons’ breakfast bap, as advertised on the supermarket’s Facebook page
Hole-in-one: but customer Karen McRobert wanted a bap filled to the brim with full English fare
No hash browns, and no link sausages – this ‘breakfast’ apparently left Karen McRobert ‘hangry’

But, instead of being offered 10 individual elements linked to the classic full English breakfast, hungry customer Karen McRobert was offered meagre rations at her local cafe.

When she returned home from a trip to Morrisons in Bellshill, Lanarkshire, she unwrapped the foil to find a hard roll with a hole in the top, instead of a bap laden with food.

Fuming on the local Bellshill Past and Present page on Facebook, she said: “Got home to find out they had substituted my two link for two square, my two hash browns for two potato scone [sic] and half an outside of greasy fried bread,” reports the Daily Record.

A “disappointed” Karen said that the cafe “didn’t have the giant bap to put this in [so] offered me a roll or toast.

“Then I was told they had no lids for my tub of mushrooms or beans and would wrap them in tin foil.”

It was so crispy someone had put their thumb through the top of it, and burst the roll apart to put butter on it.

Karen McRobert

Karen told fellow residents that upon opening the roll, instead of seeing a large, fresh bap as advertised in the special, she was greeted with a bun “so crispy someone had put their thumb through the top of it, and burst the roll apart to put butter on it.”

Saying she “wouldn’t have bothered” buying it, Karen added she’d rather have spent her money elsewhere for breakfast “rather than [with] a corporate company falsely advertising things that they don’t actually have ripping people off.”

A Morrisons spokeswoman told the Sun Online: “We’re sorry that this breakfast bap was not right.

“We’ve invited Karen to come in today for a free breakfast and to collect some complementary vouchers.”

There’s been a mixed response to the £3 meal on Morrisons’ Facebook page, where it’s advertised in connection to the European finals, saying there is “only one way to celebrate the full English in Europe this season”.

One man responded: “I had one of these this morning, it was epic!”

But a woman replied: “We had a shocker in the Bolton Morrisons café. Definitely would not recommend.”

But an impressed Scott Power commented: “I’d travel back from Australia for this bad boy.”

Fuming and famished: Karen McRobert tore slices off Morrisons on Facebook
Morrisons’ £3 full English breakfast bap wasn’t it all it was cracked up to be, according to Karen McRobert


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