Mortified bloke gets pranked with parcel of dirty knickers ‘to sniff’ in the post… but his wife didn’t see funny side

A MORTIFIED bloke has revealed the embarrassing package he received from an anonymous prankster in the post – but his wife definitely didn’t see the funny side.

Taking to TikTok to share a video of his, ahem, package, the man explained an anonymous joker had sent him a fake envelope pertaining contain used women’s underwear.

A TikTok user explained an anonymous joker had sent him a fake envelope pertaining contain used women’s underwear.

In fact, the envelope contained nothing more than a card, revealing the embarrassing post to be nothing more than an elaborate prank.

Speaking in the TikTok post, the bloke said: “So this morning the postman knocks at the door and says hello mate, you’ve got a letter you’ve got to sign for.

“He gives me a weird look and then hands me this. What the f**k is this?”

“Reading aloud from the envelope, he said: “ Genuine used panties from genuine women.

The envelope even appears to come with a pair of pants sticking out the side

“Sealed for freshness delivered right to your door guaranteed pleasure.

“Oh look they’re worn for more than two days.”

“To make matters worse, the wife saw, and she went f****g ape s**t thinking I’m some sort of perv.

“Whoever sent me this, you’re a c**t.”

The envelope was revealed to be simply an elaborate prank

Though the prank has caused nothing but trouble for the recipient, people in the comments reckon it’s hilarious and are sharing a chuckle at his expense.

One person said: “You’ve just given me an idea for posting my mates birthday card.”

A second joked: “About time we got rid of my daughter’s boyfriend, thanks for the info.”

A third chimed in: “Best thing I have ever seen.”

While a fourth laughed: “Hope my ex enjoys (he lives with his parents).”

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