Mortified daughter buys sex toy on eBay but accidentally uses her MUM’S account

LOOK – we’ve all got to do what we’ve got to do to get through the lockdown.

But can we offer a piece of advice? Maybe don’t buy any, ahem, personal items using your mum’s eBay account.

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Jessica Smith, 22, was horrified when she realised she’d ordered a sex toy on her MUM’S eBay account[/caption]

Before you accuse us of stating the obvious, it turns out this is a VERY easy mistake to make – as one mortified shopper recently discovered.

Earlier this week, 22-year-old Jessica Smith – who lives with her mum Jackie – decided to discreetly order a sex toy on eBay to see her through the isolation period.

But unfortunately for the singleton, it wasn’t until after she’d purchased the £13 Rampant Rabbit toy that she realised her hilarious oversight.

The following day, Jessica’s mum Jackie sent her a screengrab of the receipt and suggested that maybe it was time to get her own eBay account.

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Jessica’s mum Jackie asked if she was lonely before suggesting she create her own eBay account[/caption]

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The mum also reminded her daughter to ‘stock up on batteries’[/caption]

Mum-of-one Jessica, of Chester, replied “I want to die”.

She recalled: “I was absolutely mortified. I wanted the ground to swallow me up.

“I was just so embarrassed, I couldn’t reply straight away. I didn’t know what to say.”

Unsurprisingly, Jackie hasn’t stopped teasing her daughter and even asked: “Are you lonely?”

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Jessica said she ‘wanted the ground to swallow her up’ when she got her mum’s text[/caption]

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She then posted about the experience on Twitter[/caption]

And on the practical side, Jackie also reminded her daughter to “stock up on batteries” before her toy’s arrival.

Jessica added: “My friend had recommended checking eBay because she’d bought a sex toy on there before and said it was cheaper.

“I just did it on my phone without thinking I would still be logged in to mum’s account.

“I was meant to check out as a guest, but that obviously didn’t happen. It’s the first one I’ve ever bought.”

And despite all the drama her personal purchase has caused, Jessica added: “It’s meant to arrive on Monday. I’m looking forward to it to be honest.”

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Other Twitter users shared in the horror[/caption]

After getting over her initial horror, Jessica posted her mum’s texts on Twitter where other users were quick to express their sympathy.

Jess joked: “How’s everyone’s lockdown going? I’ve just bought a dildo signed into me mum’s eBay account.”

One user replied: “Love the fact her mother is fully creasing about it.”

Another added: “ARE YOU LONELY? Hahahahaha screaming.”

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