Moselle: a man escapes through the window of the tribunal of Sarreguemines

A man, aged 21 years, escaped Wednesday by the correctional court of Sarreguemines (Moselle), who was sentenced to three years in prison, passing through an open window, a-t-on learned from the public prosecutor. The accused, who is serving since April a sentence of 7 months in prison for violence, aggravated to the house of judgment, Strasbourg, appeared Wednesday morning in front of the correctional court for an attempted car theft with violence committed by November 2017 to Meisenthal.

At the time of the statement of his conviction and sentence to four years in prison with a suspended sentence, “he ran in the direction of an open window because of the heat and he went down along the wall, leaning back against the wall and the feet against a column, has told AFP the prosecutor, Jean-Luc Jaeg.

Arrived on the square, “he went running in the direction of the city. He is actively sought”, he added.

The hearing room is not equipped box, but the young man, “as he was being held, was escorted by three prison officers,” said Mr Jaeg. “It all happened in about a quarter of the time, it has surprised everybody,” he commented. “The use of the gun pulse power claimed by the #SNPFO would avoid this type of evasion,” responded the union national prison Force working on the social networks.

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