Mother of the bride sparks fury after wearing a white lace gown to her daughter’s big day

A MOTHER of the bride has provoked fury after photos emerged of her wearing a white wedding dress – to her daughter’s big day.

The woman accessorised the dress with a scarf, but people said they were not fooled.

This picture provoked controversy after the mum showed up in a ‘sexy’ wedding dress

Speaking on the That’s It, I’m Wedding Shaming Facebook group one woman said: “That scarf does not excuse that WEDDING dress mom.

“I’m secretly hoping that someone put it on her and forced her to wear it.”

The woman, wearing a white lace dress, is stood next to her daughter – also in a white lace dress.

“I’d have been p*****,” said one woman.

Oh s***. Mom showed up wearing a sexy wedding dress with her boobs looking all scrumptious at her own daughter’s wedding. Yikes.

Facebook commentator

“The bride might have been ok with her mom’s dress,” another woman added. “I am wondering who insisted on the scarf. The scarf ruins the picture.”

Another person teased: “Maybe he married both of them?”

Julie wrote: “Oh s***. Mom showed up wearing a sexy wedding dress with her boobs looking all scrumptious at her own daughter’s wedding. Yikes.”


A mother-of-the-groom has come under fire for wearing this bridal gown-style dress to her son’s wedding[/caption]

The hilarious snap was released just days after we revealed a mother-of-the-groom wore a fishtail wedding dress to her son’s big day.

The blonde mother was pictured in a strapless bridal dress posing with the bridesmaids, and easily could have been mistaken for the bride.

The caption said: “You guys, this is my husband’s aunt at her son’s wedding. Lady, TF are you doing?!”

Images were shared of her on the same group and showed the bride wearing a remarkably similar gown herself.

The photos clearly sparked outrage, and numerous people were quick to comment how wrong it was for the mother of the groom.

Previously an attention-seeking wedding guest was slammed for wearing white lace gown to her friend’s big day.

For more wedding horror stories, this “inappropriate” wedding guest has been accused of trying to upstage the bride by wearing a bodycon dress with exposed sides.

Plus this bride has been slammed for forcing her maid-of-honour to wear an “unflattering” dress which makes her look like a “stuffed sausage”.


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