Mother’s Day craft ideas for toddlers and pre-school children – from funny cards to flower pressing

YOUR little one making a homemade gift is a touching way they can show their love for their doting mum this Mother’s Day.

We’ve rounded up some of our favourite crafty ideas for toddlers as it can be tricky ahead of Mothering Sunday.

Mum’s will love the effort their little ones have gone to (with parental supervision)
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A funny card

A sweet card is an important part of any mother’s day.

For ideas what to write in yours check out our round up of the best Mother’s Day messages and poems.

This couldn’t be simpler and it’s perfect for toddlers.

Get yourself some coloured card and a stack of coloured pens and let their inner artist run wild.

You can help out by adding glitter, stickers and shapes cut from coloured card if you please – but I’m sure their masterpiece won’t need it.

Help your tiny tot create a beautiful gift for their mum this Mother’s Day
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Little people LOVE to get messy so this is the perfect fun activity for your little ones and a nice keepsake for mum too.

You can pop a hand-print on anything – and children often do.

A fun tea towel, a picture or even a mug or plate at one of those pottery places.

It couldn’t be simpler – get a bit of non-toxic, child-friendly paint, slap it on their hands and let them get artsy.

Be prepared for a big clean-up operation.

Flower pressing

You will need to have planned ahead if you want to give this a go – as it can take a while for the plants to completely dry out.

Take your nipper into the garden or someone else’s (but best to get their permission) and let them pick a few pretty flowers that they know their mum will love.

Next grab a book – one of those heavy old ones with a hardback.

Put the flowers in between two pieces of tissue or toilet paper and then cover each side with cardboard.

Carefully place the cardboard, tissue, flower, tissue, cardboard sandwich into the middle of the book and close it so the weight of the pages is flattening the flower.

Leave it for a week or so and then carefully remove the paper and card – preferably with tweezers so not a job for the tot.

You can then stick your flowers onto paper and create a beautiful posy.



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