Mounir Mahjoubi wants of the proposals against the addiction to screens

The secretary of State of the digital Mounir Mahjoubi, who has himself deleted the application that Facebook’s smartphone, wants to fight against the addiction to screens, he said Thursday.

This addiction will be one of the topics on which floor of the general assembly of the new regulations on digital, it has opened on Thursday in Paris, and that together including representatives from government, parliamentarians, regulators, and national digital Council, he explained in front of the press. “Today there are more people who have addictive behaviors vis-à-vis the screens,” explained Mounir Mahjoubi. “It is important (…) that one can know if it is necessary to regulate, make recommendations”, he stressed. These addictions increasing are a finding “that all the parents of France and Europe, as all companies do vis-à-vis their employees, that all jurisdictions vis-à-vis their public officials”.

“In the United States, there is even a science of the attention, with gurus who call for a decontamination of the brain of all the ‘nudges’ (incentives, psychological) stimulation of the attention of the different applications,” he started.

Launched on Thursday in Paris, the States-general must make a general framework for the regulation of the giants of the digital, “which (…) raise today the issues of democratic control and risk in case of malfunction,” according to the State secretariat. They must define a vision of france, on which the government would then use to unite other european States and achieve to chart a “roadmap” for the next period onwards european elections in 2019.

The removal of the content that is hateful, priority issue

Among other matters, “urgent” to be addressed at european level, the secretary of State of the digital city as a priority the removal of content that is hateful on major internet platforms. “If the next european Commission is not something (…) each country will release its national legislation, it is ridiculous,” said the secretary of State.

Without wishing to prejudge the work of the States general on these content that is hateful, Mounir Mahjoubi said he was in favour of a revision of the e-commerce directive, adopted in 2000 by the EU. This directive sets, in particular the principle of non-liability of hosting service providers on the content that they broadcast. “Nothing on the subject of the content that is hateful, it will be necessary to discuss e-commerce from the next period onwards, a european, he estimated.

Among the other topics to be addressed at european level, Mounir Mahjoubi has cited the social protection of the “contributors of the internet platforms”, to take account of the profusion of non-salaried workers brought in by the digital economy. “This is the great subject of the coming five years”, he estimated.

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