Mrs May needs every ounce of courage over the next fortnight to make sure Britain isn’t railroaded into a bad deal Brexit by Brussels

THERESA May is right to block the EU’s latest stunt — a bid to stampede her into a disastrous deal for Britain.

Their strategy is transparent. They are telling the world an agreement is all but done. That it just needs Mrs May to stop mucking about and sign up.

Theresa May should be wary of agreeing to any deals that could be disastrous for Britain
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But their “deal” is merely their wishlist, much of it utterly unacceptable.

Take the idea that, to solve the Irish border problem they blew out of all proportion, we should divide up the UK with customs checks between Northern Ireland and the mainland.Or the suggestion that we stay in the Customs Union indefinitely.

The EU pretend we would be fully free once they are happy that technology can police the Irish border. But Brussels would NEVER agree that time is right. Why would they?

Britain would be exactly where they want us. Trapped for ever, barred from forging a future as an independent trading nation and powerless within the EU too. They wouldn’t give the border issue another thought.

The Prime Minister will need every once of courage she has in the next two weeks before the European Council summit gets underway at the end of the month
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Why would our PM agree to that? Especially having risked everything getting MPs to back staying out of the Customs Union in July? It would be a craven, historic surrender.

So would signing away our £39billion divorce payment in exchange for some vague list of EU aspirations about trade. That money must buy a legally binding, detailed, irreversible agreement.

Mrs May will need every ounce of courage in the next fortnight.

But no deal IS better than the bad ones Brussels aims to railroad her into.

Aid brainwave

EVEN in a boom, it would be impossible to justify throwing billions in taxpayers’ money at foreign aid as recklessly as we do.

Penny has hit the nail on the head when it comes to controlling our foreign aid budget

It’s even harder with the country ­crying out for new funding. So Aid ­Secretary Penny Mordaunt is right to back a rule change allowing private investment to count in the 0.7 per cent of GDP commitment enshrined in law.

But we should also repeal that foolish legislation and dish out sums case-by-case, only to verifiably worthwhile causes.

Brits are famously generous over aid.

But not if it funds absurd vanity projects or corrupt regimes.

Health heroes

WHAT an honour for The Sun to pay tribute again to the unsung heroes of the NHS.

Even the Prime Minister attended the awards to present a gong
Darren Fletcher – The Sun

We are sometimes critical of the way the health service is funded.

But the dedication and compassion of the vast majority of staff remain awe-inspiring.

How proud our Health Editor Christina Newbury, who launched the Who Cares Wins awards before her tragic death aged 31, would have been to see them become an annual event.

To the very best of the NHS . . . The Sun salutes you.


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