Muhammed Ali’s son plans legal action to get slice of father’s £50m fortune

THE broke son of Muhammad Ali is taking legal action to get a bigger slice of his father’s £50million fortune.

Muhammad Ali Jr, 47, claims that he’s penniless and gets barely anything from the boxing great’s Estate, which is controlled by his late wife Lonnie.

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Muhammad Ali Jr, 47, is considering legal action to get more of his dad’s £50million fortune[/caption]

He says he is struggling on £825-a-month from the late boxing champ’s £50million estate
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The boxing great’s only natural son believes he needs the money to support his family, but is getting a pittance.

A source told The Sun On Sunday: “Ali just wants his own money so he can look after his own children. It now looks like he’ll have to sue and has a lawyer on board.

“It’s a crazy situation, he just wants the same as all his other siblings.”

At the moment Ali Jr receives £825-a-month from his father’s estate, far less than the projected £5million he should get if the boxer’s fortune was split equally between nine kids and Lonnie.

He makes a further £33-a-day from sweeping people’s yards or cleaning up at a local dive bar.


This isn’t enough to pay his rent and eat, so he often skips meals and hasn’t enough money to pay for child support, as his children live with his estranged wife Shaakira.

The source said: “This is a situation that Ali Jr wants to avoid.

“The last thing he needs to do is cause more tension with Lonnie, who he’s never got on with, he’s scared he’ll be cut from the inheritance entirely.

“It’s hard not to feel some sympathy for him, as he’s just a regular guy trying to do the best for his family. He sometimes misses out on a meal as he’s not got enough to live on.”

After Ali died in June 2016, the family had a meeting to discuss the estate, headed by Lonnie, but Ali Jr says he couldn’t comprehend all the legal jargon.

The source added: “At the meeting in Los Angeles, Ali Jr had to get someone to help him understand as they were saying that they would give money only as needed.

“Ali Jr didn’t want this – he is desperate to carry on his father’s legacy and help people who are less fortunate.”

His mother, Khalilah Camacho Ali – Ali’s second wife – flew him to her home in Miami, Florida, where he’s stayed ever since although it’s meant he’s not been able to see his children.

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Muhammed Ali’s fortune is controlled by his late wife Lonnie[/caption]


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