Mum praises ‘magic’ £7.99 coconut oil after clearing newborn’s angry spots in just 72 hours

A MUM whose newborn’s face erupted in angry spots has praised a £7.99 coconut oil after she claimed it cleared up the tot’s skin in just 72 hours.

Ashleigh Deeham, 29, tried a number of treatments to soothe three-week-old Eden’s cheeks after her doc diagnosed her with baby acne.

Eden Deehan was diagnosed with baby acne when she was just three-weeks-old
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Mum Ashleigh says Kokoso coconut oil cleared up the tot’s skin in just a few days
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But the prescribed antibiotics and steroids did nothing to help her sore skin and the mum-of-two, from Glasgow, started to grow more concerned when her face got worse.

She was looking for answers online when she came across an article describing the healing properties of organic coconut oil brand Kokoso.

With little left to lose, she decided to bought a 168g pot from Boots and was delighted when it cleared up Eden’s skin in just a few days.

Ashleigh said: “When we were given antibiotics, I thought, ‘If nothing else works, surely these will.’ But they didn’t make a bit of difference. Instead, Eden’s skin got worse.

“You want to show off your newborn and always have lots of friends wanting to meet them, but I found myself almost preempting comments and telling them she had baby acne before they could say anything first to me.

“I was quite sceptical as to whether the oil would work, but I couldn’t believe it. After three days, there was a definite difference and within a week, her skin was totally clear. It was like magic.”

After three days, there was a definite difference and within a week, her skin was totally clear. It was like magic

Ashleigh Deehan

Ashleigh, who has another daughter, Jessica, five, with husband Michael, 30, first noticed Eden’s spots when she was about three weeks old.

At first, she wasn’t too worried and assumed it was a harmless rash but when more marks began to spring up she decided to mention it to her health visitor.

She said: “The health visitor said she thought it was baby acne. I didn’t even realise babies could get acne. When you think of it, you think of teenagers.

“I was told it would likely clear up on its own in a few days, but that if it got worse, I should go to my GP.”

When the state of Eden’s skin deteriorated, Ashleigh took her to see the doctor who confirmed she had baby acne.

Ashleigh, with her daughter’s Eden and Jessica, five, said she was embarrassed when people looked in her baby’s pram and saw her skin
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Dad Michael holds newborn daughter Eden alongside five-year-old Jessica
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She added: “Like the health visitor, the doctor told me that the acne usually goes away on its own, so I waited a few more days – but again, it just got worse.”

Returning to the doctor, Ashleigh was prescribed a course of antibiotics and a steroid cream, which she was hesitant to use at first in case it was too harsh for her newborn’s delicate skin.

But when the spots continued to spread to the point where Eden would get upset whenever she had her face washed, she realised she had no choice.

“It was so bad that her whole face was red,” said Ashleigh. “The spots were so angry – they were really very bad.

“I followed all the instructions exactly with the cream and the antibiotics, but they didn’t make a blind bit of difference.

“At that point, I got really worried. If antibiotics weren’t helping, I wasn’t sure what else could.

Ashleigh took the youngster to the doctor who prescribed antibiotics and a steroid cream but it did nothing to soothe her skin
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Within just 72 hours, Eden was looking much better and her spots were starting to heal
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“I even had people telling me it had to be something more than acne, as it just seemed to be getting worse and worse.

“I’d drop Jessica off at school, because I had Eden with me, people would always want to peer into the pram and see the baby – but with her skin, there was always this moment when they’d go, ‘Oh goodness,’ when they saw her.”

Desperate to find something that would ease Eden’s discomfort, Ashleigh started looking online and came across an online article about Kokoso.

The natural infant skincare brand was started by mum Lauren Taylor, who discovered the virtues of raw, organic coconut oil while searching for something suitable for her own little one’s sensitive skin.

Skin saviour

Reading testimonials from people who had used Kokoso to combat baby acne, Ashleigh became convinced it was worth a shot, snapping up a pot for £7.99 from her local Boots the next morning.

“I had been warned that putting anything too harsh on Eden’s face would clog her pores and make it worse, but I didn’t know what else to try,” she said.

“I figured that, as it was all-natural ingredients, it wouldn’t hurt.

“But I was a little sceptical at first. Eden’s skin was much worse than the babies I’d seen in the pictures online, so I worried it wouldn’t work on her.

What is baby acne?

Baby acne, also known as neonatal acne, is a common, usually temporary skin condition that develops on a baby’s face or body and affects around 20 per cent of newborns.

Like with teens or adults, it usually appears as tiny red or white bumps or pimples and is mostly found on their cheeks, but sometimes can develop on the upper back or neck.

In almost all cases, the acne resolves on its own without treatment.

If it fails to clear up, a GP may prescribe a medicated cream or ointment.

Rough fabrics can irrate the acne, as can vomit or saliva that stays on the face.

The condition is different from infantile acne in that open comedones, or blackheads, don’t usually appear in baby acne.

Baby acne only happens in your baby’s first few months of life whereas infantile acne can last until your child is two.

It can also resemble other conditions, including:

  • eczema
  • erythema toxicum
  • milia

It’s unclear why baby acne develops, but some researchers believe it’s caused by maternal or infant hormones.

Source: Healthline

“I started applying it twice a day – once in the morning, then again before she went to bed – and, after three days, the difference was already massive.

“By the time a week had passed, her spots were virtually all gone.”

Now, Eden’s spots have happily remained at bay and Ashleigh is so impressed with the coconut remedy that she has even started using it herself – applying it to her caesarean section scar each morning to improve its appearance.

And she still uses it twice daily to keep Eden’s complexion clear, rubbing it in using baby massage techniques, as well as using it on Jessica if she ever complains of dry patches.

She added: “I am absolutely sure it was the Kokoso that helped. We’d tried everything else, with no difference.

The infant is looking much happier now her spots have cleared up
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Ashleigh took her to see the doctor who confirmed she had baby acne
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Ashleigh took her to see the doctor who confirmed she had baby acne[/caption]

Mum Ashleigh, who was worried about her newborn, with Michael and Jessica
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“I didn’t know much about coconut oil before this, but I’m amazed by its uses.

“Eden’s skin honestly got so bad that, had I not known it was baby acne and not something more sinister, I’d have ended up taking her to A&E. People who hadn’t seen her in a week couldn’t believe the difference in her once I started using the miracle cream.

“It was so upsetting seeing Eden like that, but now I am one happy mum.”

Ashleigh says the £7.99 Kokoso coconut oil worked like ‘magic’ on her daughter’s skin
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Baby Eden getting cuddles from her big sister five-year-old Jessica
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