Mum reveals baby with eczema so painful she had to hold him all night to stop him scratching was cured by £8 ‘miracle’ cream

A BABY with eczema so severe it hurt him to be cuddled has been transformed by a ‘life changing’ moisturiser that costs only £8, his mum has revealed.

Little Alex Tsui’s condition was painful that he’d wake in his cot from the bleeding sores and had to be restrained from trying to itch his red and inflamed skin.

Alex’s skin was so sore he couldn’t even be cuddled by his parents who feared hurting their baby

Parents Pui and Danny, from Borehamwood, Hertfordshire, first noticed Alex’s eczema after he developed a dry patch of skin on his forehead that quickly spread.

From coconut oil to tea infusions, over-the-counter creams and even prescribed steroids, the couple had tried everything to try and curb their son’s awful flare-ups.

But one morning, the then five-month-old became seriously unwell and, covered in eczema from head to toe, was taken to hospital where he had to be attached to an intravenous drip for four days.

The skin condition had become infected, and, in order to stop it from happening again, the first-time parents had to restrain their baby from causing friction by attempting to crawl or roll over.

The parents first noticed the skin condition on their then 5-month-old son when a patch began on his forehead

Pui, a merchandise planner, said: “Anyone will tell you having your first baby can be a stressful time as it is, but every day was so difficult as he was so upset and in pain and discomfort.

“He wasn’t able to meet physical milestones as other babies his age as we couldn’t let him do tummy time as he’d rub his sore face on the floor, and he was desperate to crawl.

“It felt so cruel to physically hold his arms down or stop him from rubbing his face against me, or anything else he could, to itch.

“His skin was so raw we couldn’t even kiss or cuddle him.”

It felt so cruel to physically hold his arms down or stop him from rubbing his face against me, or anything else he could, to itch his face – and his skin was so raw we couldn’t even kiss or cuddle him.

PuiSpeaking about her son's condition

Clothes irritated Alex’s skin and he spent months wearing only a sleep suit, unable to even go outside because of the irritation to his sore skin.

The family couldn’t go to the park or take trips in the car as Alex’s skin would break against the pressure of the car seat, leaving the baby unable to escape from his crippling condition.

And night times were worse, as Alex broke out of his swaddle or sleeping bag desperately trying to itch his face, leaving it weeping and bleeding.

“He’d wear scratch mittens but they weren’t enough,” Pui added. “I would have to hold him in the night, putting my arm across his body, and if I woke and saw he’d scratched his face I felt guilty.”

The mum discovered that the Skin Salvation by Balmonds was the only product to calm her son’s skin
  • Skin Salvation, Balmonds, £7.99 – buy now

Pui and Danny, who works in IT, were encouraged to use steroids in order to control the infection, but they were reluctant to get hooked on the products, as they worried about the effects on Alex.

One night, while Pui was searching for online help on a mum’s forum, she came across the Skin Salvation product range by Brighton based brand Balmonds, and she’s never looked back.

She said: “Lots of other mums had recommended it. I tried it on Alex and his skin improved within a week – the redness went down, it was less dry and looked healthier.

“Within two weeks, Alex’s skin was really clear. You wouldn’t know he had eczema. We noticed such a difference in him – he was so much happier.”

Alex is now eczema free and will celebrate his third birthday this autumn

Alex is now eczema free after using the balm every night, and they hope to continue to use it throughout his life to prevent further flare ups.

The youngster turns three in September and, now not only crawls but walks, plays and enjoys life like any other youngster without his crippling condition.

Pui concluded: ““Watching him suffer, crying from wanting to scratch and him not being able to
use his arms and hands freely was awful.

“One of the best things now he’s better is watching him playing in the bath, things that other people take for granted.”

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